10 Basic Yoga Poses You Should Know About

Do you want to challenge your body? If yes, you should try various yoga poses. Inculcating different yoga poses into your routine works for you in a wholesome way. Furthermore, practicing yoga makes you steady and comfortable.

10 Basic Yoga Poses to Better Life

Here are 10 basic yoga poses which you should practice for overall wellness. Read on.


Headstand is also known as the ‘king of asana’. Hence, it has limitless benefits when done in a perfect form. Further, it allows an easy flow of blood from your heart to your head. Hence, your brain gets oxygen-rich blood in the least possible time.

Headstand is one of the best among the 10 basic yoga poses. It boosts your mental cognition, concentration, and thinking abilities.

Plow Pose (Halasana)

Nothing comes at par with the plow pose when it comes to massaging the spine. Further, practicing plow pose improves extended lower back roundness also known as Lordosis. The consistent practice of the plow pose cures indigestion and other digestive issues.

It further massages your abdominal organs along with improving your overall flexibility. You can also join the Yoga Alliance teacher training in India to master the 10 basic yoga poses.

Shoulder Stand

Shoulder stand is considered as the ‘queen of asanas’. It increases the strength of the entire body. Since the chin is pressed against the throat, it stimulates the thyroid gland. Thus, all other hormones function in perfect harmony with one another.

Moreover, the shoulder stand pose removes any blockage or stress in your neck region.

Fish Pose

Do you have any respiratory issues? If yes, then the fish pose is just the pose for you. Fish pose increases the lung capacity that cures asthma and other chronic diseases. Furthermore, it removes any tightness from the lumbar and thoracic region.

Not just that, fish pose stimulates pituitary and pineal glands. Hence, it removes energy blockages from the throat and neck region.

Sitting Forward Bend

It is one of the most important of the 10 basic yoga poses. Sitting forward bend removes any spine compression that might have been there due to upright standing. Moreover, practicing this pose works on your joints, spine, and nervous system.

It gives a gentle massage to the pancreas without putting much pressure on your body. Moreover, it also keeps diabetes in check.

Cobra Pose

Practicing cobra pose rejuvenates your spine. Further, it increases its flexibility and mobility. Moreover, it works on your neck, arms, and chest area. Women should practice this pose as it relieves menstrual pain since this pose exerts pressure on their pelvic area.

Also, going to a yoga retreat center in Rishikesh might offer you the best place to practice and master yoga.

Locust Pose

Do you have slow digestion? If yes then you should include locust pose into your routine. It improves your intestinal walls along with nourishing your spine with oxygen-rich blood. Furthermore, practicing locust pose relieves your lower back and sciatica pain.

Bow Pose

Bow pose consists of benefits of both the cobra and locust poses. Flexibility is one of the major benefits of practicing bow pose. It stretches the thoracic region along with enhancing the flexibility of your spine. When you balance your body on your stomach, it massages your intestinal area.

Hence, the bow pose relieves stomach ailments along with minimizing menstrual pain in women.

Half Spinal Twist

Named after a great yogi named Matsyendranath, half spinal twist rotates spinal vertebrae in both directions. Hence, it enhances the mobility and agility of the spinal cord. When you practice this pose, the abdominal region gets a deep massage. Thus, it relieves you from all the digestive and stomach issues.

Half spinal twist pushes fresh blood to the deeper roots of your spine. Furthermore, it balances the left and right nadis present in your body.

Crow Pose

One of the best balancing poses, the crow pose works on your arm and shoulder blade strength. Since you balance your body on your arms, it improves wrist strength. Moreover, it increases concentration and focus.

Wrap Up

These were just the 10 basic yoga poses that help you start your practice. Once you have mastered these yoga poses, you can move on to advanced yoga poses. It further takes your practice to the next level without injuring yourself.

Make sure you perfect each pose before you step onto the other poses. It helps you remain in your comfort zone while pushing your body. Thus, you reach the peak of your yoga practice.

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