10 Best Affixes For Weapons In Roboquest


A run through of Roboquest can be drastically altered by these affixes.

Roboquest is a fast-paced, rogue-lite first-person shooter where you go into procedurally generated rooms full of enemies and loot for days. It just came out for consoles on Xbox Game Pass, where fans and critics alike loved it. Roboquest is a new rogue-lite game with bright graphics and a focus on destroying robots. If you want to try a game like this, you should try it.

Like in Borderlands, each weapon in the game is unique, and some of them have things called “affixes” that can change how your run goes. Affixes can add a lot of different upgrades to your weapons, making it hard to choose which ones to use.


AArea makes bullets explode, doing damage both when they hit and to the area around where they were shot. Smaller enemy robots tend to stay close to each other, so this is a good starting affix to have. It’s also helpful because you’ll be moving around a lot during a fight and your bullets won’t always hit the target, so hitting the robots close to them can still hurt them. Area can be more useful than some explosive weapons if you use a fully automatic gun and set off a hail of explosions.


In a game with so many strong enemies, any weapon that does more damage to them should be a welcome addition. This effect makes enemies take 1.5 times as much damage from all sources, which makes it a great way to quickly kill big enemies with high defense.

It also works very well on bosses, taking out the biggest bad guys in record time. If it’s hard for you to find a weapon with Mark on it, you can use the Flare Gun instead.


In a game like Roboquest, being able to reload 20% faster can save your life, and that’s exactly what the Quickload affix does. Quickload is very useful for weapons like the Light Machine Gun that take a long time to reload. It also works with character upgrades that change how fast you can reload, and it can be used to vent energy weapons. With a fast-firing weapon like the Assault SMG, you can keep up the pressure and keep doing a lot of damage.


In this game, moving around is everything. With the Cryo affix, you can take it away from your enemies and leave them defenseless. When enough shots from a gun that gives the debuff are fired at an enemy, Cryo freezes them in place. It can even slow down bosses, but it can’t completely stop them. Even so, it can make it easier to hit bosses who move around a lot, like Diggy Mole, when they use certain attacks. Frost makes Cryo even better by making it build up and freeze faster than it did before.


When you put the Seeker affix on your gun, you no longer have to worry about being accurate. Seeker makes all projectiles you fire home in on enemies, which is great if you are still getting used to the fact that you have to run around and shoot things. The only problem with Seeker is that it might target the wrong enemy if you have a specific enemy in mind that is surrounded by robots. However, this is at most a minor inconvenience. It helps a lot against bosses, where you have to dodge all the time.


Even though Shock and Cryo are similar, Shock is definitely better. Shock not only stops people from moving, but it also does damage over time, which makes it very useful. Smaller robots will be destroyed in seconds, while your weapons and damage over time will be too much for the bigger ones to handle. It works best with a gun that fires quickly because more hits mean the effect builds up faster. Shock also lasts a long time, so you don’t have to worry that it will go away too soon. Bosses, on the other hand, can’t get the Shock debuff like Cryo.


In a tough game like Roboquest, this is a feature that could save your life. As usual in rogue games, health is worth as much as gold. Drain takes 3% of the damage you do and gives it back to you as health. This change can make or break your run, especially if you’ve already been through a lot of the game.

It really shines against big targets with big health pools, since there’s a lot more life to steal from them and they’re usually less mobile. Use it with a fast-firing gun, like the other affixes, and your health will quickly return to full. Even though 3% doesn’t sound like much, it’s a lot when you’re close to dying.


In Roboquest, enemies like to stand close to each other, so it makes sense that there is an affix like Puncture. When a target is hit with a weapon that has the Pierce affix, the target takes an extra 30% of damage. This lets weapons like sniper rifles, which usually aren’t useful because they fire slowly, do a lot of damage. Still, it works for all kinds of guns, especially ones that fire automatically.


When it comes to damage, this affix is the best. A critical hit can sometimes do twice as much damage with Clover. This lets you put up some amazing numbers if you set Clover up in a way that lets her shine. It’s easy to destroy bosses with it, and it goes well with the Commando classic. Critical hits are what the Commando class is all about, so Clover is a great match. It also works well with the Lucky trait, which also focuses on critical hits.


Lucky is the best affix because it gives the weapon an extra 30% chance for every shot to do critical damage. This works for hits that don’t land on critical points, which is great because accuracy is hard to keep up in Slope Game that moves so quickly. It makes one of the most potent affixes in the game when combined with Clover. Lucky isn’t as original as you might think for the most useful affix in the game, but it’s still a lot better than average in terms of how well it works.

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