10 Game Characters With Fun Hobbies


These video game characters do things that are both interesting and surprising. Once upon a time, video game characters didn’t really need much to make them interesting besides a main goal that drove the player to complete the game’s goals as well. As games have gotten better over time, the characters have gotten deeper motivations and personalities that players can relate to. Because video game characters are so complicated, they are bound to have their own interesting quirks that make them more appealing to players. This includes a few of the characters’ hobbies that they do from time to time and that add a lot to who they are. Here are some examples of characters in video games who have really interesting, well-developed hobbies.

Gardening And Taking Photos (Basil From Omori)

Omori is a great role-playing game that handles dark topics in a mature way. Basil, the main character’s best friend, is one of the many great characters in this game.

This character likes to grow plants, and if you want to see a secret cutscene in the good ending, you have to water the flowers he left behind while he was away. Basil also likes to take pictures. Both of these things have a lot to do with the main plot of Omori.

Collecting Illegal Stuff (Yusuf Amir From The Ballad Of Gay Tony)

People can be so wealthy that they want things that money can’t buy. So it is with Yusuf Amir, the son of a billionaire who lives a dangerous life but tries to impress his father.

He always hires Luis Lopez to get him things that he can’t just buy with money, like weaponized helicopters and S.W.A.T. tanks. For what it’s worth, Yusuf is a good person, even though he has some strange habits.

Cooking (Ignis From Final Fantasy 15)

Final Fantasy 15 may have had some problems, but there’s no denying that the main party is a lot of fun to play with. Their hobbies help the party a lot, and they really do feel like friends.

Ignis’s cooking is one of the most fleshed-out hobbies in the game, and he can use it to help his friends feel better by making them tasty treats. The beautiful way the food is drawn in Final Fantasy 15 makes these dishes look even more delicious.

Knitting And Sewing (Kanji Tatsumi From Persona 4)

Kanji is one of the most complicated characters in Persona 4, and he’s there to show how silly the idea of being a man is. Even though Kanji acts like a tough guy, he has a lot of interests that others might see as girly.

This includes knitting and sewing, and Kanji loves to spend his free time making cute plush toys and other things like that. After clearing out his dungeon, it’s a good thing that Kanji comes to terms with his hobbies and stops feeling bad about them. He then becomes a key member of the Inaba Investigation Team.

Possibly Everything (Sims From The Sims)

The Sims is one of the most complicated and popular life simulation games of all time. It is made up of four games, each of which is great in its own way. The players are in charge of everything a family does, so it’s almost like they’re God.

Depending on what the player does, a Sim can do anything from paint to play the guitar. There are a lot of things that can happen, and the games can be expanded to give these virtual characters even more things to do.

Taxidermy (Alfred Drevis From Mad Father)

Mad Father is one of the best horror games out there because it has a story that is both scary and fascinating. It’s scary to think that your own father is a crazy bad guy, especially if your child refuses to believe that their father is anything but bad.

For what it’s worth, players can help Aya slowly come to her senses and fight back against her father’s desire to turn her into a taxidermy doll. Alfred’s interest in taxidermy started at a pretty young age and went in a pretty disturbing direction.

Sword Collector (Gilgamesh From Final Fantasy)

Gilgamesh is one of the best characters in Final Fantasy. Since his memorable appearance in the fifth game, he has been one of the best characters in the series. He is shown to be a sword collector who goes to different worlds to find one-of-a-kind blades to add to his collection.

In Final Fantasy 5, he is a bad guy, but in Final Fantasy 8, he is a friend and uses this collection of swords very well. There are times when Excalipoor doesn’t do much damage, but the chances are always high that this character will do more damage in the game.

Tinkerer (Lucca From Chrono Trigger)

It takes a special kind of genius to build machines when people are just starting to understand how they work. In Chrono Trigger, Lucca is a very useful member of the party because of how creative she is.

Even though her HP is low, her strong Tech skills more than make up for this. She also helps out a lot during the events of Chrono Trigger, especially when the party needs to interact with something mechanical. It was because of her that Robo became active and a strong member of the party.

Singing Karaoke (Kazuma Kiryu From Yakuza)

Even though this isn’t the only thing Kiryu can do in Yakuza, it’s undeniable that karaoke has been a part of the series since the first game. In these karaoke bars, it’s a lot of fun to watch a tough gangster like Kiryu sing along with all his might to the different songs.

Yakuza also has a number of songs with their own cinematics, which makes 8 Ball Pool game even more entertaining. If you play all of the Yakuza games without ever going to a karaoke bar, you’re missing out on one of the best parts of the series.

Painting (Bowser Jr. From Mario)

Most people would think that, since Bowser Jr. comes from a family of bad guys, he would just follow in his father’s footsteps and follow Mario everywhere he goes. Even though this is true, it doesn’t mean that this young enemy can’t have his own interests.

Bowser Jr. likes to paint, and he even uses his Magic Paintbrush to make Mario and his friends’ lives miserable. Still, it’s hard to dislike this character because he’s just too cute-looking.

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