10 kW Solar Systems: The Best Type for Larger Buildings in Australia

With the fall in the price of solar systems in the Australian market, more and more people having large homes or commercial buildings are taking interest in installing solar systems on their rooftops. Another reason behind this is the increasing price of electricity. After all, people no longer want to pay the high amount on their electricity bill when they install a solar system on their rooftop. One of the most common types of solar systems that people in Australia prefer for their large houses or buildings is the 10kW solar system.

In this blog, we will talk about the 10kW solar system and why you should also consider them for the benefits you can get from them. After you go through this blog, you will understand why Australians are taking interest in the 10kW solar systems. Then, you can think of getting a 10kW solar system in Sydney, New South Wales, or at any other place you want to get in Australia. So, let’s get started!

What is a 10kW solar system?

A 10kW solar system is a common type of large solar system amongst several people living in Australia. Being among the largest solar systems available in the market, the 10kW system generates more energy for high-power consumers. So, if you are also a high-power consumer, you should also think of installing a large solar module like a 10kW solar system.

Is 10kW the best type of solar system for you?

To be sure whether a 10kW solar module will be right for you or not, you should prefer to approach a solar panel manufacturer or supplier near you. They will help you by finding out your daily power consumption. This information can be found in your latest quarterly electricity bills. If they see that your average daily electricity consumption is between 32 to 40 kWh, then they will suggest you get a 10kW solar system.

What is the output of a 10kW solar system in Australia?

Ideally, a good quality 10kW solar power system will generate about 40kWh power regularly. However, the output of a 10kW solar system depends on a lot of factors like the location of the solar panels, the panels’ array tilt angle and orientation. Other than that, it depends on how long the solar panels are receiving the sunlight, the temperature, and also on shading. In addition to that, the productivity of a 10kW solar system also varies depending on the season of the year. So, in short, it will be hard to give you a fixed amount of power that will be generated by using solar power.

How many panels does your 10kW solar system need?

A good quality 10kW solar system needs about 27-34 solar panels. The exact number of panels you will need depends on the wattage of each panel.

How much roof space will be needed?

To install 27 – 34 solar panels, you will need a lot of roof space. If you have less space, then you have to opt for the latest more-efficient panels that generate more electricity with fewer panels.

The Final Thoughts

Hopefully, by now, you have understood why people in Australia are taking so much interest in the 10kW solar panels. You could see the reasons behind their interest clearly in the above section of the blog. So, it is high time now that you start paying attention to your power expense and think of installing a 10kW solar system on your building’s rooftop. To buy a 10kW solar system in Sydney, Melbourne, New South Wales, Perth, or any other place in Australia, you can approach a trusted and reliable solar panels manufacturer near you. Good and reliable solar system manufacturers will always guide you on getting the best type of solar panels for your building and help you cut down a lot of your monthly electricity expenses. 

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