3 Inspiring Design Ideas For Custom Mailer Boxes

Custom Design Mailer Boxes

Custom Design Mailer Boxes offer a special unboxing experience. As a result, these boxes have become an ideal choice for e-commerce businesses.

Custom mailer boxes are a one stop packaging solution for all products. And most businesses rely on mailer boxes for their product delivery.

The main aim of mailer boxes is to deliver products securely. But you can also use these boxes for promotional and branding purposes.

Custom Printed mailer boxes are always in huge demand for several reasons. For example, you can use these boxes to create strong awareness for a brand.

Custom design mailer boxes are famous for their durability. In fact, Kraft and corrugated material are used in the making of these boxes.

You can also play with the customized option to create appealing aesthetics. It helps you attract more consumers to your product.

There are several types of Custom mailer boxes available in the market. You can select what best suits your business.

Types of Custom Mailer Boxes

·        Standard mailer boxes with wings.

·        Mailer boxes with an adhesive and tear strip.

·        Mailer boxes without wings.

Custom Mailer Box Design

A good build mailer box can change the game for your business. The design and look of your box play a crucial role in attracting customers. In addition, it creates curiosity in customers’ minds to look at what is inside the box.

Thankfully Custom printed boxes offer a range of customization options. You can choose different colors and designs to express your brand’s personality.

Let’s discuss some of the inspiring design ideas for Custom Design Mailer boxes:

Functional Ideas

Kraft Mailer boxes

Kraft material is famous for providing unmatchable convenience for different products. Therefore, it is the most preferred choice of many business owners.

Kraft mailer boxes come with larger benefits than just being sturdy. They are high quality pine material boxes and are recyclable. Consumers can recycle one box up to 7 times.

In addition, these boxes are durable and keep the elements of the box intact. Companies use these boxes to transport products in their original state.

Custom insert boxes

Custom insert boxes are a useful option when products need to be held in place. In addition, these boxes offer an extra layer of protection for the content.

This kind of packaging solution comes In handy to keep fragile products like cosmetics. These boxes provide high quality protection to small items and help maintain the original quality.

The cosmetic items are prone to damage and insert boxes are a one stop solution. For instance, these boxes help keep small bottles of nail polishes in place.


Custom Printed Stickers

Using stickers is a great way to add personalized branding to the boxes. You can use this either on the seal or the surface of the box. Moreover, These Trendy stickers can easily catch customers’ attention.

Besides helping you create Brand awareness, these stickers are also helpful in educating customers. You can use this facility for your benefit by letting the customer know what you have to offer.

You can play with different colour schemes and designs to create great aesthetics. Vibrant colors help differentiate your product from other similar brands.


Custom mailer boxes are the soul of any E-commerce business. Your success depends on the kind of packaging solution you are using. If you produce good packaging boxes, chances are customers will keep them. As a result, it will reinforce them to shop again and again.

Custom printed mailer boxes play a huge role in the growth of your business and branding. If you are looking for an ideal packaging option for your business, close your eyes and go with Custom Printed Mailer Boxes.

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