4 things to remember before you choose your analytics course

A career in analytics is well sought after and well solicited around the world. In fact, the recent turn of events involving the pandemic and the ensuing lockdown has forced more and more enterprises to invest in digital technologies including data analytics. The current situation creates an opportune field for technology enthusiasts to begin a career in data analytics, data science, and/or machine learning. A lot of institutes around India are offering data analytics courses. However, not every course works for every student or every purpose. It is important to understand what works for you and make sure that you are on the best track possible. Here are four things you should keep in mind.

1.   The foundation

The first thing you should take into consideration is your own level of experience. Your background should dictate your first steps into the analytics space. Do you have a strong foundation in statistics? How are your programming skills? Do you have strong communicative skills? The answers to these questions will lead you to the right course.

Once you have measured your own foundation you should be able to build upon that. There are certain institutes that can help you out with choosing the right path forward. AnalytixLabs, for instance, has mentorship programmes where experts analyze your foundation and guide you with selecting the right AnalytixLabs courses.

2.   The curriculum

A curriculum that strikes perfect balance between different aspects of the discipline is the one you should look for. Depending upon your foundation you can start with a general overview course or you can jump right into the in depth stuff. For instance, you can begin with a big data analytics course for beginners which lays down the basic foundation before you can build up new skills.

A perfect curriculum is one that provides you with ample scope for real time practice and project work. Your ultimate goal is to become industry-ready and employable. The curriculum you choose should help you achieve that.

3.   The faculty

The members of the faculty have a direct impact on the quality of the course. Although a fair portion of every course available today consists of pre-recorded video lessons, the in person interactions with experts is still one of the key features according to most students.

It is important to be able to talk about your problems and receive well thought out guidance from expert instructors. What helps the students the most is when the members of faculty are actively involved in the analytics industry. It helps them provide just the kind of insights the enthusiasts need to succeed in the industry.

4.   The pricing

Some may say that you cannot really put a price tag on good education but turns out, you can. The cost of education is as real a concern as any. If you find two similar course offerings it will be foolish not to go for the cheaper one. At the end of the day what matters is that you become employable. If you save a few bucks in the process, nothing is wrong with that.  

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