6 Benefits of shades retail software for small business

Are you wondering about the benefits of shades retail software for small business as opposed to manual inventory management or using the basic applications that you currently use? Custom blinds shades and drapes software is a business need in a fast-paced market and your business needs it as much as any of your larger competitors. We present 6 Benefits of shades retail software for small business –         

1.   Optimized inventory management

Inventory control is crucial for retail business for effective control over stock to meet anticipated order while removing excess stock. You can store detailed information of all the blinds shades and drapes available in stock and this information can be accessed by all the users of the shades retailer software on their mobile or desktop application. You can know the exact quantity of the stock and what needs to be restocked. Custom blinds shades and drapes software has tools for demand forecast that analyses customer’s buying trends in the past. Based on the calculated estimates you can modify inventory to meet upcoming demands.

2.   Integrating Multiple Channels

Even for small retailers, there are multiple channels that function simultaneously to ensure smooth operations of the establishment. Custom blinds shades and drapes software integrates the various channels on a unified platform and allow departments to share information in real time. Thus, departments don’t need to notify one another for every update manually. Once the data is entered in the system, all departments will get the update simultaneously leading to effective communication in timely manner.

3.   Automate Sale & Payment Recording

The POS system integrated in the shades retail software automatically records sales transaction details which eliminates scope for human error and makes sales transactions faster and easier. Retailers can reduce customers waiting time in billing. It updates all transaction data in the central system, making it available to relevant departments for viewing and aiding the business operations and decision-making.

4.   Pricing and Discount Management

Retail businesses require dynamic pricing system which is difficult track when done manually. A robust Custom blinds shades and drapes software can automate processes for recording product prices and discounts, making them easily visible to everyone. It will calculate the discounts on the price automatically and apply it to the final price so that billing is not delayed.

5. Augment Customer Management

Customer management tools in the blinds shades and drapes software helps retailers improve on their customer service and come to decisions that will help grow customer base and improve retention. All the information from different departments of the store is captured on a central platform, including customer’s purchase history and after-sales interactions with the store. This data can be used to analyze shopping trends, customer response from the relevant team and improve overall shopping experience.

6. Enhanced operational efficiency

Shades retailer software have capabilities for capturing, storing and managing information through automated systems and processes in a central location. The various operational processes of the business can be streamlined and room for manual error can be reduced while eliminating mundane administrative tasks that previously consumed time and shifted focus from the core business purpose of sales and customer service. Companies can efficiently allocate resources and ensure targets are met on time, reducing overall operational costs.

Data is the currency of the 21st century and the business information generated by the humble Custom blinds shades and drapes software is worth much more than gold. The real-time data from inventory, sales, purchase, and other processes collected in a single integrated application can be parsed through for relevant information for quick management decision. It will alert the business of changes in demand or unexpected disruptions that will facilitate stronger control and better planning.

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