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AJ Lamba

Many have come across this famous saying, but only a few imbibed its complete essence. 

AJ Lamba happens to be one of them, who believes that with proper knowledge you can achieve almost anything you put your mind to. 

Over the years he has trained several successful real estate agents, who are doing great in this field. He is a mentor that does not rely on old primitive notions of cold calling and door knocking. Instead, he teaches his students something revolutionary. He calls it the art of “farming leads” through which one can create a constant flow of potential clients. 

With his guidance agents have successfully relinquished contacting friends and family for business. They now solely deal with clients that have other connections with them but the need to sell or buy a property. 

AJ is popular among his students for his head-on approach to complications and the unique solutions he provides for them. Even now many of his old trainees would contact him for advisory or expert opinions.

How he came up with the training course 

As a part of the residential and commercial real estate sector, AJ saw how coaches leveraged the lack of a proper mentor and misguided aspiring agents with basic theoretical training sessions. 

He could not remain a spectator to such practices and put his extensive market experience into a comprehensive course. 

He understands that not every promising real estate agent can physically attend his sessions. Hence, he has framed a thorough video training course for those individuals who want to stand out in the market. 

From creating the right mindset for this business to listing properties, he covers every aspect of the real estate industry in the videos. One would not just learn about strategies, but about different tools that he or she can use to stay ahead of competitors. 

AJ Lamba took his sweet time to create this course ensuring that the videos have the same effect as his live sessions would. His mission is to create agents that would shape the future of Canadian and to some extent even the global real estate industry. Hence, he personally took charge of every aspect of the training course. 

He is a mind that focuses only on spreading knowledge and mentoring to work in the smart way instead of the hard way.

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