According to Your Health Benefits You May Want to Consider Non-alcoholic Beer

There is no need to quit drinking beer even if you want to take a break from consuming alcohol. Yes, it’s possible, as you can always enjoy a non-alcoholic beer that also has some benefits.

There is also enough evidence supporting the health benefits of alcohol consumption in moderation. From the mood-boosting impact of tasty brew to the antioxidant properties of a wine glass, there are various reasons to enjoy an alcoholic drink. There’s a lot of evidence in support of the health benefits of moderate alcohol consumption.

At times you want to avoid alcohol. But that doesn’t mean you just have to stick to other sugary beverages or plain water. Now it’s easier to find a good non-alcoholic beer in different places to give your taste buds the flavour of beer but without alcohol.

You must be wondering if a non-alcoholic beer is healthy or not. You’ll be amazed to find out that non-alcoholic beer has many health benefits. Continue reading to find out what these benefits are.

1. Rehydrates Your Body

Unlike alcohol that has a diuretic effect (meaning it stimulates urine output and makes you feel dehydrated), non-alcoholic beer rehydrates your body.

According to various studies, 2% or less alcohol doesn’t increase urine output. So, it won’t impact your blood volume even if you consume it after exercise. That’s why non-alcoholic beer is also known to support the rehydration process in your body.

2. Increases Post-Exercise Recovery

If you love to play billiards, you may like to have a cold glass of beer – whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic – during the game. But if you play physical sports, you can have such drinks after the game.

According to Castle Malting TV, the sodium content of non-alcoholic beer is beneficial for recovery after sports or exercise. The carbohydrates and fluids in non-alcoholic beer help your body to increase post-exercise recovery.

3. Avoids Hangovers

After alcohol consumption, many people complain of a hangover the following day. If you don’t like that dizzy feeling of a hangover, you must consume a non-alcoholic beer. The best part about non-alcoholic beer is that you can go incognito about the beverage you’re drinking. Plus, you don’t have to face the peer pressure of “just one more drink.”

4. Improves Cardiovascular Health

According to researchers, it’s unbelievable that non-alcoholic beer even has cardiovascular health benefits. It is due to polyphenols (like polyphenol xanthohumol) included in the beer. Consuming non-alcoholic beer also helps in decreasing the risk of blood pressure, homocysteine levels, and inflammation.

5. May Stimulate Production of Breast Milk

You may know that breastfeeding moms are advised to say away from alcohol. But it does not mean they cannot have Castle Maltingnon-alcoholic beer.

As per certain evidence, non-alcoholic beer even stimulates the production of prolactin, which is a hormone that increases the secretion of breast milk. For, barley content in beer includes a polysaccharide that increases milk flow. It even increases antioxidants in breast milk. Due to the antioxidants, oxidative stress is reduced in the mother’s body.

6. Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Like the hops in beer promote good sleep, researchers have observed that consuming non-alcoholic beer also reduces anxiety and stress.

Experimental studies have stated that alcohol-free beer can check anxiety levels under stress. The participants are self-reported to have reduced stress and anxiety levels at the time of an experimental phase. Even some physical tests confirmed such effects. 

The participants were also observed to have reduced urinary levels of 5-HIAA while consuming non-alcoholic beer for up to two weeks.


Due to several benefits of consuming a non-alcoholic beer, you must pick it over other sugar-containing beverages if you want to avoid alcohol. While different types of beer have some health benefits, you may have the same effects with non-alcoholic beer without any headache the next morning. 

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