Bachelor Party Planning – The eventual fun-filled trip with old-gold memories!

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At last, your best buddy is tying the knot. As you are the groom’s best man; it’s your sense of duty to give him his last cherished night of freedom. Good thing, his wife-to-be will not sulk in fear because of the beer-and-stripper atmosphere that is usually presented at a traditional bachelor party. People are more unprejudiced these days and bachelor parties can come in a wide range of forms.

Scheduling a bachelor party takes some time that cannot be put off until the last minute. Few things you need to consider when planning to make this event joyful and memorable.  For your better understanding, here I mentioned some important factors before you step out to party.


The theme gives any event an aesthetic appeal. When you plan to throw a bachelor party, you should seriously consider its thematic appeal. Usually, it’s not an occasion to have a beer and have fun. It’s a solo event where your close circles unite to recall the old-gold days of friendship, struggle, and success. So to cherish the occasion, you should do all necessary arrangements and decorate and choose from the best bachelor party destinations as per the theme.

Time and Date-

In bachelor party planning, decide first about the time to hold the event. Although most bachelor parties would take place during the night before the big day, it is a good idea to celebrate it several days before the wedding. No one will appreciate going to a party where there are so many last-minute details to consider or appreciate the wicked hangover that they would have on their big day. To decide properly, ask the groom about the most convenient time for him and ensure that the rest of the wedding guests are also available during that day. Consider the needs of out-of-town guests because they won’t be arriving in town until days before the ceremony. As much as possible, schedule it during weekends so guests won’t have to leave work.

Type of the party-

You should seriously consider what type of party is suitable for your purpose. Is he going to go with the traditional stripper dancing in the living room giving lap dances to all involved or is he going to do something less conventional like taking the best man fishing? There are numerous possibilities, but whatever choice is made should definitely be something the groom loves to do. You can always add a twist, rather than just running out to the strip bar, make it a day event. If his passion is water skiing, take him out to the lake or bay and live it up and then afterward meet up with the rest of the guys for an evening of drinking and lap dances. But whatever you decide, don’t plan on the night before the wedding, this could create chaos. The last thing you want is for anyone, especially the groom to be late because of an all-nighter.


The next thing to do in bachelor party planning is figuring out the budget. Most of the time, the best man would front the bill but since it is impossible to ask the best man to pay for the whole event, it is wise for guests to chip in. As a rule, do not give an expensive bash because this is not practical for a bachelor party and you will just get those dirty stares during the wedding ceremony. Consider also the money that the groom’s family and friends are willing to pay for the party. To make things more organized, list down all the possible expenses such as food and drinks, transportation costs, activities, and tips. Inform each guest about the expected cost and ensure that everyone is willing to share. To prevent other guests from being gloomy just because they were not invited to the bachelor party, ask the groom about his ideal guest list. Also, ask the suggestions of family and friends for lists of people that they wish to join. Be sure that no two guys have bad feelings towards one another so that all of them can get along well.


Mail the invitation for the bachelor party about a month in advance to give enough time for out-of-town guests to make their needed arrangements. A week before the date, send paper invitations for the added reminder. The invitation must involve important factors such as the name of the bachelor, the announcement of their wedding, the time and date of the bachelor party, location, RSVP, and other vital factors. RSVP is important especially for people with a limited budget because this will give you the chance to arrange the cash that is needed to afford the number of guests.

Hope this blog will give you a clearer insight into throwing a bachelor party most artistically.

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