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Beas River Trekking

Beas Kund, a famous trip around Spring Manali with spectacular views of the mountains, has always been. Finally, the river that runs through the city guides you straight as your source. (You may have traveled along the same river upstream to Manari!)

However, the setting is one of the reasons Walker likes it. Imagine this: Imagine this: thrive under the top three largest mountainous meadows around Manali. This grassland hides the Emerald Lake, where the Beas River emerges. The contrast between the stunning peaks of Pir Panjal is due to the beauty of the contrasting sights of these calm waters.

 Here, too, you have a keen sense of being close to the source of the Angry River in the valley below. This emerald wave is swept into a stream, dropping a waterfall to the boiling river Beas. Beas Kund is also associated with legends, as all channels may give the surrounding culture and settlements. Rishi Vyas wrote Mahabharata but believes that he takes a bath every day on the lake. The term Beas Kund is sometimes derived from the sage Vyas and the lake Kund. It is possible.

 Snow-covered mountains, meadows and lake greens captivate everything. Prepare for this trek while you are a beginner. It never makes sense to go up from about 8,000 feet to 12,000 feet at the beginning of a trek.

 Beas Kund Trek is one of Manali’s most popular routes for longer weekends. Trekking away from the hustle and bustle of Manari City. It offers stunning views of the Pir Pinjal Mountains in the

 Beas River basin. Dhundi & Bakarthach The beauty of the wilderness. If you go up, you will reach the source of the Beas River. A small glacial lake fed from high mountains by melting snow glaciers. This tour is suitable for all ages and is sufficient for basic fitness levels.

Why I personally like Biz Kundo

 Some people like mountains and seas. Some people have rivers, prairies, serene places of flora and fauna in their minds, and what time goes so far as to witness these isolated natural miracles rarely seen near any village in human life.

 My throb was always somehow missing the contrasting look of the placid water bodies between the tops of the jagged mountains.

 It was necessary to visit such a lake and camp by its waters, so on Friday nights and weekends, I was able to go hiking in the Kru Valley of Manali on the Vias ยท Kundo trek.

 8 kilometers is an all-paved road, and if you’re lucky you can take one of the many tracks to the construction site next to Dhundi. Construction at the southern end of the famous 8.8 km Rohtang Tunnel, Lei Road is available all year round, so private and public vehicles are strictly prohibited throughout the road.

Big Mountain Amphitheater

 Beneath this high mountain are the great meadows of Bakarusaha and Dundi. Bakaruta is a field filled with grassy sheep and cattle meadows. Baccarat. A small creek is spreading through this lush wilderness. Green is a beautiful space! Meanwhile, trekking first camp meadow is Dundi. On one side of this camp, the river Vis flows loudly and on the other side you can see many flowers blooming.

Bakarthach and Dhundhi Grasslands The

 Beas Kund trail provides close-up views of the large Manali Mountains including Friendship Peak, Shitidhar, Ladakhi and Hanuman Tibba. 4 days until trekking! Such mountain views are usually donated to mountaineers or hardcore walkers after a routine of hard trekking. No wonder mountaineering agencies set up base camps on this route, and train hikers, which means snow and ice skates. On a clear day you can see the summits of Mount Larsen, Oshiva and other Pill Panjaru Mountains in India. Trekking through the

Cedar Forest After 5 minutes of trekking the

 road, an old cedar tree figurine, dense coniferous forest is formed. Even if you shrug your head, you can’t see the top of the tree. There are also pine and maple. This is just 15km away from the incredible lively village Manari. On one side of this camp, the river Vis flows loudly and on the other side you can see many flowers blooming.

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