Benefits of Buying Dedicated Server

There might be a time when you started your website on shared hosting. However, as time goes on, you started receiving a lot of web traffic on your website. Due to which your customers started facing interruption when using any service or opting for products on your website. Your website started responding very slow because from the beginning you were using shared hosting. When you started your website in the initial days, shared hosting was a perfect option, as it saves a lot of financial expense. After receiving a high amount of web traffic, you’ve to shift your website to a dedicated server, with shared hosting your website will be unable to perform properly. There are other hosting options such as VPS but with a huge load of web traffic, your website requires a complete standalone dedicated server. A dedicated server gives complete freedom because you’ve large storage space, so if in case sudden web traffic arises, you don’t need to worry about it. A dedicated server gives freedom of total control.

You might be wondering what else a dedicated server can provide???

Till now it’s completely obvious that how a dedicated server can be beneficial for your website. Let us give you more explanation that how a dedicated server can benefit your website. A dedicated server hosting offers a lot of benefits. Few of them are listed below: –

  • High Performance – Dedicated server will give full processing capability and you’ve full unrestricted access to the whole storage and all processing resources.
  • Security – Dedicated server make sure that you’re not sharing any malicious activities or a potential spammer. That’s why companies running critical applications must choose dedicated servers.
  • Flexibility – Dedicated server comes with flexibility which means you can set up a dedicated server as per the client’s requirement. Some clients prioritize for customization environment for their services.
  • No Purchase and Maintenance – Once you’ve purchased the dedicated server, you don’t need to pay for hardware maintenance. Thus, it will reduce the cost of hardware in the overall budget.

Now you’re aware of the benefits of having a dedicated server. Let us tell factors that you should consider while purchasing a dedicated server.

  • When you’re running a critical application you should always choose a dedicated server for improved reliability and uptime. Developers and business organizations always try to find out dedicated server solution for publishing their website. Websites like – eCommerce platforms, bank portals, gaming, and live streaming need a dedicated server because these all web applications consume a lot of memory and bandwidth.
  • Developers need a solution that can best quench the programming requirements, top-notch security, and end-user load. Focus on CPU benchmark performance, try to understand the difference between Opteron, Xeon, and Atom product lines. Choice of the data center, bandwidth, cooling, speed, and power supply.
  • Most important is the operating systems like – Windows and Linux, choosing Linux distributions carefully.
  • You might encounter an error while using a dedicated server. Consider a cloud vendor that could give technical support 24*7.
  • Some clients choose to bargain and they usually go for old and outdated hardware. Never go for hardware that is not used in the market. Regular hardware updates keep the dedicated server away from malicious activities. It is advisable that developers should consult system administrators before choosing hardware.

Above factors should be considered before Always consider all the above factors before buying a dedicated server. Prior research can help you to save a large part of financial expenses. Still, many business organizations still need more clarity about choosing a dedicated server for their website??

There is not anyone fit solution in information technology only constant upgrade can help to stay up-to-date. Some organizations might be using other web hosting plans. But seeing the huge website workload, other website hosting plans might not fit with your current requirement. You need a dedicated server to help you stay reliable on the web. No one can consider one factor while choosing a dedicated server, there are lot of things need to be seen.


Finding the right service provider is just critical because you’ll be sharing a lot of critical data with that service provider. A trusted vendor will help you to understand your requirement and then guide you more about a dedicated server. Companies like go4hosting, Digital Ocean, etc. offer different dedicated server plans at very engaging prices and ensure availability for your workloads. Connect with them and choose the best suitable dedicated server plan.

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