Best Corporate Gifts in Singapore To Enjoy an Outdoor Picnic

Door Gifts Singapore

COVID-19 once again has bound us to our homes but that doesn’t mean your employees cannot enjoy a distant day outside with the family. Surprise them with a door gift Singapore that will help them to have a safe and memorable day outside as they take a break from their hectic work schedule.

What you can offer as a part of corporate gifts? Well, the options are unlimited but to cut down the confusion, here we have listed down key things you can gift to employees this spring season:

Modesto Picnic Carrier in Black Solid

Gone are the days when wooden baskets were the only option you had to carry things on the picnic. With a range of Modesto Picnic Carriers in Black Solid, you will have everything you need and more. The plenty of space allows you to carry pack essentials like- beach mat, folding fans, lunch boxes, water bottles, juices, and bottles of wine for fancy dates.

Despite space, it is easy to carry and looks stylish to match your picnic vibe.

Foldable chairs

Whether you are camping in the woods or soaking in sun at the beach- comfort is essential. With the range of folding chairs available at Young Generation Shop, you can enjoy the outdoor activities without having the back pain next day.

Want to sit at a different angle? No problem, just shift your weight and find your comfortable position. Want to enjoy stargazing with your partner? No problem, take these chairs out and enjoy the night full of stars.

As these are foldable, you can easily carry them at the back of your vehicle without any hassle. In short, these are one of the best corporate gifts in Singapore.

Foldable beach mat

Planning a day out on the beach? Don’t forget to take your foldable beach out. After all, soaking in the sun while reading your favorite book can make the whole day, and be able to do it without a wet blanket is no less than a blessing.

Young Generation Shop offers Foldable beach mats that are easy to carry around and allow you to enjoy a good day at the beach.

Beach game set

In spring it is common to plan a beach day out with the family and while you plan a few activities for yourself don’t forget to get a beach game set for your children. This way both you and your children have a memorable day outside filled with equal joy and happiness.

As you’re planning a beach day don’t forget to send Door Gifts in Singapore to your employees who also deserve a weekend getaway like you.

Waterproof smartphone pouch

Worried about your smartphone getting wet on the beach? Put them in the waterproof smartphone pouch that you can purchase from the Young Generation Shop. These bags will not only protect your smartphone from getting wet, caching sand but also getting buried under the sandcastle of your kid.

Hopefully, all the mentioned Corporate Gifts in Singapore are enough to help you and your employees to spend an enjoyable day outdoors. Moreover, if you are looking forward to purchasing any of these items in bulk as door Gifts in Singapore then, feel free to visit Young Generation Shop. Feel free to visit the website to learn more!

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