Coronavirus: Increasing Cases Leads to Tension, Protect Yourself!

The country has been hit by the second wave of coronavirus and Lakhs of new coronavirus cases are being reported daily. The new figures of Covid-19 cases by the WHO (World Health Organization) state that over 134,582,841 cases have been reported taking over 2,915, 013 lives. The umber continues to increase, and the state governments have announced a night curfew.

The pandemic has taught us that it is highly fatal and, in several cases, lead to prolonged hospitalization. A minimum hospitalization can term from 14 days to months. In such situations a Coronavirus Kavachh by Bajaj Finserv can release your financial burden. However, for the overall wellbeing during such tough times, there are two ways.

Primary ways include use of sanitizer, masks, social distancing and other necessary precautions and the second method is to protect yourself from any financial loss and to stay secure in a state of emergency with the help of Bajaj Finserv’s Coronavirus Insurance. Let us know in detail what should be done to fight the pandemic-

  1. Masks– Wear your masks appropriately by covering your nose and mouth properly with it. Masks with valves are not effective and hence do not use them. Also, avoid the reuse of mask. Either dispose off the used mask or wash it. The moment you step outside your house or are in a gathering, remember to wear a mask and asks others to do the same.
  2. Social Distancing– Another statement by the WHO states that we must avoid 3Cs i.e., crowded places, closed places and places that involve close contact. It is advisable to meet people in open spaces and do not conduct indoor meetings or celebrations.
  3. Sanitization- Regularly sanitize your hands, surroundings, and anything that you touch. Also, once every week at least sanitize your house, shops, surroundings and stay indoors as much as possible.
  4. Wash your vegetables and eatables– Everyday as and when you buy vegetables remember to wash them, place them in an open space for a while before using.
  5. Spread awareness and stay informed– Do not spread rumors around regarding any information related to COVID-19. Sometimes we do so unknowingly and so it is also advisable to check your facts before sharing with other people or groups.
  6. Take care of your mental and physical health– Lockdown or the stress that the pandemic has brought in our lives can be daunting and mentally challenging. Therefore, it is important that we do regular indoor exercise, involve ourselves in our hobbies and most importantly communicate with our friends and family.
  7. Coronavirus Kavachh- At such high risk of covid-19, it is best to have a COVID-19 insurance policy in place that covers for all the expenses incurred in the hospitalization or treatments. It will save you from any kind of last-minute hassles and will help you focus on health without any financial worry. With affordable premiums and high coverage, it is a safety shield for you and your loved ones in the form of Covid hospitalization expense cover, ambulance cover, hospital cash benefit, home treatment cover, pre-hospitalization cover, post-hospitalization cover and much more.

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While we all are fighting with the fatal Covid-19 pandemic, it is not just important but also non-negotiable that we follow all the above-mentioned steps to stay responsible and aware and safeguard the interest of not just our family but also our country as a whole. The PM has time and again requested us to follow all the precautions and to avoid undergoing the same phase of lockdown like that in 2020 it is best to stay wise and judicious in our life choices.

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