Everything you need to know about sales development in 2021

We’ve already entered the digital age, where cutting-edge tools and technology are reshaping the enterprises that shape our world. Today, 70% of the buyer’s experience is completed on a digital platform, and this number is likely to rise as we approach 2021 and beyond.

” From prospect research to early lead generation to sales-qualified leads, it’s all part of the process (SQLs).

Basic definition –Sales Development is the dedicated practice of creating a sales pipeline for your company through proactive outreach to qualify prospective customers and of following up on inbound leads created by your selling efforts.

While this may appear to be a simple concept, there is still a lot of doubt in the Sales Development field with a lack of understanding of what is truly required and experience in how to apply it effectively.

Well, We’re here to simplify Sales Development, from what it is to how you may effectively implement it in your company.

Sales Development Representatives  (SDRs) are the personnel in terms of handling out this activity in Sales Development. Their role is to perform those early-stage sales duties, such as prospecting and qualifying customers. In a nutshell, their goal is to keep the sales team’s pipeline full of qualified leads. The objective is to create a bridge between a sales and prospective customer regarding the offering of the company.  Once your sales development representatives have significant knowledge or information they will be able to close deals efficiently.

3 sales skills that your sales development representatives must have:-

  1. Know the main purpose – Good sales development reps not only know what they’re selling, but they also understand why they’re selling it. Anyone can approach a customer and offer a product, but the best SDR will be able to provide the information convincing why the buyer requires it. Sales development reps that are well-versed in the company’s core values have the highest chance of succeeding.
  2. Communication skill – Be it in person, on the phone, or various forms like communication and operational materials. Sales development representatives must be able to deliver a message in a precise manner that leaves minimal space for error or skepticism.
  3. Time management skills – With practice, time management can always be enhanced. The distinction between a senior sales dev rep and a novice sales rep is a good example of this. When calling customers, the senior SDR knows that calling the most promising lead first is the most efficient use of time, but the newbie sales rep may simply call everyone on the list.

Even if they have the basic skills and equipment, your SDRs require more guidance than simply being told to get on with it. They need the appropriate training to develop those skills, as well as guidance in best practices so that they feel confident from the first call.

Note:- Ongoing training has several advantages, such as updated best practices and strategy, improved messaging, new prospecting approaches, and the use of the most up-to-date tools and technologies to help with the sales process.

Mindtickle sales readiness platform is a must-have sales development tool that helps SDRs improve their efficiency and productivity in a variety of ways.

  • Data-driven information – Information is only valuable if it is provided at the appropriate time and places.  Mindtickle sales readiness platform not only gives SDRs fast access to important information, communications, and data when and where they need it, but it is also available on any gadget. And, this is extremely crucial in current scenarios since so many employees work from home.
  • Interactive training sessions – Sales development teams, like outside sales teams, require hands-on training and practice, as well as ongoing information and reinforcement – all of which must be engaging and fit smoothly into their daily routine. MindTickle accomplishes this through an automated learning route that provides online learning and game-based learning information to keep SDRs involved while improving their skill(above mentioned)
  • Coaching – Outside sales teams aren’t the only ones who benefit from coaching and career development. Sales Development Reps are equally involved in their professions and value feedback significantly. Sales coaching is a vital aspect of sales management, as it helps salespeople become better SDR overall and even increases topline income. By creating a coaching framework, setting clear coaching principles, and placing reporting and resources at their fingertips, MindTickle makes it simple for leaders to train or coach their teams.

Final words:

By definition, sales development teams accomplish repetitive activities each time a new prospect comes in, they’ll have to start over and go through the same qualification procedure. While you won’t be able to eliminate repetition from your profession, you can make it simple with sales tools. Your sales team will be happier and more productive as a result of streamlining and automating these routine activities.

Why Mindtickle?

Sales development reps are the true soldiers of the sales industry. While the “closers” receive all the attention, SDRs perform behind the scenes, qualifying potential leads and arranging meetings early in the sales cycle. By assisting them in developing abilities and providing continual learning, MindTickle’s Sales Readiness platform can guarantee that their worth is not neglected, allowing them to continue to provide high-quality leads that convert to long-term clients.

MindTickle has been recognized as the #1 Enterprise Software Product on G2’s Best Software 2021 lists, as well as 5th on the Best Product for Sales and Best Satisfaction Products lists, and 9th on the Top 100 Software Products list.

We are a worldwide organization focused on a core objective of sales readiness in cooperation with all of our customer organizations, influencing the capacity of their sales representatives and related teams to do what they do best – be sales-ready – because readiness leads to profit. Our purpose-built software, tried-and-true processes, and best practices are all geared to help salespeople get things done quickly. Organization leaders and sellers can use MindTickle to continuously assess, diagnose, and develop the knowledge, skills, and behaviors needed to fully interact with customers and generate sales.

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