Fun Indoor Activities to keep kids engaged at home

The pandemic has turned our world upside down. Never before have we witnessed such a drastic change in the everyday lifestyle of people. Suddenly everyone is unwillingly made to work from home, and the concept of working remotely is surging everywhere. Work from home has its challenges, especially when kids are all around you. Kids have very curious behavior; they get bored from the same activities very quickly. Also, they cannot stay in one place for too long. 

Home is the first school for children. A child receives all his values and lessons from his parents at home. It is important to make the kids indulge in some productive activities at home to learn something from them and even let you work with peace of mind. Technology has become the most common tool for engaging children at home. Television, mobile phones, and laptops have become the most important medium to engage children at home. It is now time to replace these gadgets with more meaningful activities for children like a Pikler Triangle, Australia, to make them healthy and active. With so much work pressure from home, you might get confused about how to engage your children at home. We got you covered; these top activities suggestions are fun and engaging for children. 

1- Organize fun activities at home 

The best way to make use of this time is to spend some time with your children. Children love to play games that challenge them. It excites them to do fun activities. Help your child in physical activities like climbing, walking, running at the comfort of your home with Pikler triangle. Australia. The customized climbing frame helps not only in the physical movement of your kid but also helps in improving their creativity and critical thinking skills. These types of fun activities give your children the opportunity to challenge themselves and provide a sense of achievement. 

2- Art and Craft 

Staying at home doesn’t mean your child also has to hold on to his imagination. Let your child’s imagination go as far as it can. Get art and craft set for your kid. Working in art and craft is not only a good way to engage your child, but it also helps in enhancing his creativity level. Art and craft give your child the opportunity to experiment with different colors and explore as much as he likes to. You need to make sure that the art material is age-appropriate for your child and does not harm him in any way. 

3- Give him a Book

A book is your best friend no matter what the age is. It’s a good idea to introduce your kids to the beauty of the world of books. You have endless options to choose from with genres like fantasy, adventure, fiction, thriller, and mystery. Make sure to choose the book according to your kid’s age. Reading helps develop your child’s imagination and improves his writing skills, vocabulary, and comprehension. A book is the best way to occupy your children’s minds and constructively engage them. 

4- Assisting in household chores 

Stuck at home, you have all the time in the world. Use this time to teach your kids life skills like cooking. It is one skill that everyone should know. Kids are naturally curious about everything. Even if they just watch you cook meals. You can ask your kid to assist you in household chores to engage them. Ask them to help out in washing dishes or vegetables. Household chores teach your kid discipline and cleanliness. Make sure you assign simple tasks to your kids. 

5- Hobbies

It’s a great time to pursue the hobbies your child wants to follow. Encourage them to practice indoor hobbies like painting, writing, photography, cooking, and many more. Provide them with the required tools and equipment they need to pursue that activity. Encourage your child to explore activities that excite him. 

Final words 

When you are surrounded by mobile phones, television, and laptops, it isn’t easy to convince your child to engage in some productive activities. It is important to balance activities that contribute to both the physical and mental growth of your child. While giving them books to boost their mental growth and imagination, you should also provide fun indoor games like climbing slide that helps make their limbs and bones stronger. You should seize this opportunity to make good bonds and memories with your children during this time. Sit with your kid, talk to them, play with them. Make the best out of this situation. 

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