Future of Hybrid learning; 6 key areas to focus on

Hybrid learning is an educational method in which some students attend classes face to face, while other students join the classes online from home. Instructors teach remotely and in-person students at the same time using a tool such as a video conferencing software and hardware. Sometimes, hybrid learning includes asynchronous learning methods, like pre-recorded video instruction, online exercises to encourage face to face classroom lectures.  When planned well, hybrid learning combines the greatest aspects of in-person and online education while making study more attainable for many students. We can say that hybrid learning refers to web-based education activities that are used to complement face to face sessions. Hybrid learning is accepted with its pros, including big involvement in a course, an interactive learning method, increased interaction with instructors and peers, and a more flexible schedule. Hybrid education is well-accepted while others are still coming out. In many states, this type of education is not acceptable. Hybrid education is not much different from Homeschooling.

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 1.6 billion students have adopted different learning methods called blended or hybrid learning. The way itself presents different types of challenges for the educational system, students and teachers also. Hybrid learning as a model has been around for a while, but since the COVID-19 pandemic forced the pressure on social distancing, we can say that it’s rapidly becoming a standard educational method and worldwide universities started to adopt it. Assembling your student’s life and balancing university activities and social life is important for successfully adapting to hybrid learning. Here, we are discussing six handy tips on organizing student life and getting better grades.

Set your priorities:

First, you must arrange your time management schedule, a proven method for increasing productivity at prioritizing daily assignments. Once, you have a daily planner filled with the upcoming task. As an example, if you have three online assignments before attending the class tomorrow. First, mark the most important task and then the second mark and so on. The first task must be fulfilled immediately, like completing a short assignment on a deadline as you are working in a team, and others are waiting for you to proceed. It’s the best method that marks all your work, it’s time for execution. When you have completed the first project then work on the second task, and so on. Follow this schedule, you ensure that your priorities are set and you are doing assignments that matter the most.

Set activity and study plan:

Hybrid learning introduces many ways of education that Combine face to face and remote learning. This type of learning helps the students with higher flexibility over their learning pace and schedule. Like, an enriched online model allows you to learn at any place while only going to the class to supplement lessons. It may think like a dream method for many students, but if you are not an organized individual and self-starter, then you may face many challenges.

Avoid multitask:

Multitasking is a big hurdle in your work because it can drastically reduce your focus level. Because when you just click the social media feed for a while there is too much content in some seconds. It’s not always doing good for your brains and focus ability.

Use your mindset for study:

 First, set your mind on how to continue your study process. Creating a mind map as a plan can make the most difficult topics easier to understand while working on your creative flow.

Set the study time:

 Timing is the most important element in this type of learning. Setting an actual time daily when you are going to focus on studying is most important. Sit and start your daily task and when you fulfil then keep a piece of paper to write down the next day assignment schedule.

Don’t lose your hobbies:

Hybrid education can be challenging and stressful but it provides flexibility that traditional learning lack. It’s necessary to focus on all parts of your student life and avoid neglecting some features. The key to continuing a successful life is balance. You can create a social group to share your hobbies and for spending a wonderful time, through videos conferencing, like Skype or Zoom enjoy talking with your project member and friends as well.

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