Gojek Clone App in Vietnam to Launch Your Multi-services Business

The best Gojek Clone for Multi-service app, Goggling will give you numerous results from the top Gojek App Development Company promising you a white-label Gojek App solution. Hiring a professional app development company is important as it plays a vital role in making your app successful. Before we dive into the white-labeling details, we know how launching an on-demand app in Vietnam can be beneficial.

The Advantages of Creating an App like Gojek in Vietnam

  • The best part of building the Gojek Clone App is your users will not have to clutter their smartphones with 10 different apps to order varied services. Since, Gojek Script is a ready-made solution, all set to launch in max 5 days,
  • For every entrepreneur, the primary aim is earning profits. This super-app comes equipped with multiple sources of revenue. If one of them fails, the other will compensate. For instance, in the pandemic, the countries have imposed travel restrictions so the hospitality and travel industry wasn’t working at all and on the other side, the on-demand groceries and food industry upsurged.
  • Instead of developing a single app for a particular niche which will take a similar time almost the same cost thus developing a Gojek Clone App can be quick and affordable.

New Version Features Of Gojek Clone App in Vietnam

  • The restricted passenger limit feature enables the driver to limit the seatings of the passengers. This ensures that social distancing is maintained.
  • The driver has to upload the selfie into the app to make sure that he/she is following the COVID19 safety rules.
  • The app asks for the safety ratings and reviews from the passengers to know if COVID19 related safety rules have been followed
  • Taxi fare calculation features come with 2 models that allow the passenger to pay the estimated fare or, can pay as per the road traveled.
  • The ride cancelation feature allows both driver and the passenger to cancel the ride if either of them is not following COVID19 safety measures.
  • OTP verification feature is where the driver/service provider will ask the users before starting the trip/task
  • Graphical status of the ride/order allows the user to know the real-time status of the order/ride in the form of graphical icons through in-app notifications
  • Store wise commission allows the admin to set different commission rates for each store
  • Day wise separate time slots enable the store owners/restaurants to be flexible with the operational hours and days
  • Item name searching allows the users to quickly search the restaurants/stores as well as items to quickly add to the cart
  • Voice instructions for the delivery driver allow the user to put a voice note regarding specific delivery preferences.
  • Restaurants upload pictures of the kitchen where the users can see how every restaurant is following safety protocols.
  • Order cancellation option for the delivery driver is when the driver is unable to make delivery due to unforeseen reasons

Things to Consider When Contacting Gojek App Development Company

Responsive design

Gojek clone should be accessible to everyone. A responsive design for the app can be accessed via any device like smartphones, laptops, or tablets over any platform like android or iOS.

Licensed source-code

The company hands over the 100% editable licensed source code of the app so that you can modify it as per your preference at any point in the future.


Once you have made the purchase, the app should bear your logo, brand name, themes, and color combination accordingly.

24/7/365 support

The technical development team should provide you with bug support, up-gradation, and technical assistance when in need.

Multiple currencies/language

The app should come equipped with multiple currencies and languages other than USD and English language. This removes the barrier of doing business in other geographical locations.

Opportunities Presented by Building Multiservice App like GoJek in Vietnam

  • People love ordering from a place where everything is available under one roof. Gojek multi-service app in Vietnam will offer the same on-demand services on a single platform.
  • Gojek Clone App Vietnam leverages local service providers and communities thus helping local citizens to earn a decent income, raising their lifestyle and economy.
  • The Gojek Clone provides the services at reasonable rates ensuring that the citizens can afford them. Thus, they keep using the app for ordering any on-demand services.

So, in a nutshell, launching an app like Gojek in Vietnam offering on-demand multi-services can be extremely beneficial for your business. It helps in attracting more customers, offering job opportunities to the independent service providers as well as bringing considerable revenue-generation from multiple channels.

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Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.

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