Hair Accessory Trends to Follow in 2021

Nothing greater than styling your hair and follow the trends. Maybe, even become the trend setter! Although the past year have been the year of crazy virus, fashion has not stopped its course. Plenty of home time has only allowed us to try new things with our hair and try new styles.

Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, you have a lot of different platforms to show your new styles, and get loved and appreciated by all.

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So, showing off your hair in the most stylish way is one rage that is growing. And for that, you’ll need accessories that will show your way of style in the most appropriate manner. Here are some accessories that are growing in trend this current year.

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Pearl Accessories

Pearl accessoriesand other shiny hair accessories are the rage now. Essentially, pearls can add a sense of exquisite elegance to any look. Although these looks may seem too complicated and difficult to complete on your own, you can be sure that it wouldn’t be that hard as well.

Oversized Headbands

Headband or hair clip will make you feel like the new trend setter. The oversized headband was once designed for little boys, but has now become a hair accessory trend that you might already be very familiar with. The headband dominates the hairstyling world this season, partly because it is a reliable way to strengthen hair (even people with styling problems will participate), and partly because it’s so cool!

The beauty of this trend? Its versatility. Wear a headband on polished curls, messy low buns, and even high ponytails. If you think you are very elegant, you can pay more attention to fashion trends and choose a floral headband with pearls.


Compared to when they first appeared, (when people just wore them to comb their hair at home),scrunchies are more like a fashion statement today.This nostalgic style has proven to be fresh and practical in today’s time as well.

Bucket Hat

From the late 1990s to the early 2000s, almost everyone had a bucket hat. However, there was a period of time in the mid-2000s when they were replaced by hats and only worn by children. As we all know, fashion is highly cyclical, so as the millennial generation grows, the demand for bucket hats is back. In recent years, bucket hats have evolved from a semi-joking return trend to a fashion accessory. With the recognition of all aspects of fashion culture, from influencers to celebrities, it is now one of the most viewed accessories in fashion week.

Parting Accessories

Whether it’s jewelry, pearls or glitter, parting accessories are extremely stylish. This trend-setting look is a reliable way to differentiate yourself.


Bows may be the simplest hair accessory trend in your daily life. Regardless of whether you go large or delicate, use them as a headband for bubble braids or half up and half down, almost anyone can see the bow. And because they come in a variety of sizes, there are endless possibilities for creating an elegant, classic look.

Tortoiseshell Accessories

The best thing about these multi-tone accessories is that they are suitable for all hair colors. They added elegance without much effort.

Gemstone Headbands

These headbands include gems, flowers and pearls, and are especially suitable for special occasions because they add surprises to hair styling.


Wearing a scarf can add vitality to the hairstyle, or just to hide the slightly greasy hair. With a scarf, you can have the ultimate leisurely comfy style.

These are the hair accessory trends for the current year. If you are looking to buy hair accessories in wholesale or selectively, you can always connect with us for the most beautiful and trendy accessories in Hair Transplant in Delhi.

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