Here are a few things you must know about working in Canada

Canada is one of the most popular destinations for skilled international workers to improve their quality of life by accessing numerous job opportunities. However, moving to another country, even if it is Canada that welcomes immigrants, is a big undertaking. You are starting an entirely new life and adapting to new cultures. You are building a new home in Canada. So, it would be helpful to get as much support and guidance as possible. Being well-informed as an immigrant will make the whole process easier and hassle-free.

If you are one of those aspirants who wish to immigrate to Canada for work, you will need to find a Canada Immigration consultants in Chennai to guide you through your application process. Here is everything to know if you are immigrating to Canada soon or have recently arrived in one of the provinces in Canada.

You are not alone as an immigrant

It is well-known that Canada is a country of immigrants. It means that you are never alone as they are numerous immigrants spread across different provinces. 21.5% of the total Canadian population are immigrants with permanent residents living in Canada. Regardless of where you live in Canada, you will find immigrants from all walks of life.

Furthermore, Canada has a diverse culture and is known for celebrating multiculturalism. Places like Toronto, Ottawa, and Quebec are particularly multicultural, and these cities attract thousands of immigrants every year. Over fifty per cent of these cities identify as visible minorities. Besides that, Toronto is considered the most multicultural city globally, with over 200 cultural groups residing in the city.

Having a job is not the only immigration avenue available

You do not necessarily have to have a job to immigrate to Canada. There are various avenues that you can opt for to go to Canada. However, you may enjoy a hassle-free process if you have a valid job offer. You can apply for a skilled work visa in Canada through Express Entry Immigration System if you have in-demand skills.

Express Entry System is a points-based system. If you have a job offer, you will likely get an invitation to immigrate to Canada. The points you earn are based on factors like your age, education, work experience, and efficiency in the English or French language. It is observed that most Canadian immigrants gain entry to Canada as skilled workers. Getting a skilled work visa in Canada can get you closer to your immigration dreams.

Fast track your immigration process as a skilled worker

The express entry system is an immigration program designed for skilled workers who wish to settle in Canada. It focuses on processing applications within six months or less. Before you create your express entry profile, you need to ensure that you meet the federal programs for skilled workers’ requirements.

After getting qualified, you can go ahead and create your express entry profile and then pay the relevant fees. Completing your profile is the first step in your immigration plan. You will have to take a language test and have your education and employment documents assessed. After submitting all the supporting documents, your profile will be evaluated and placed in the Express Entry pool of candidates.

It is worth noting that if you are in the Express Entry pool, it does not guarantee your invitation to become a permanent resident. Your invitation depends on your score. A higher Express Entry score will increase your chances of getting an invite.

Canadian citizenship procedure

After entering Canada by securing a Canadian skilled work visa, you can apply for permanent residency. It is the first step in securing Canadian citizenship. When you have your permanent residents status, you are entitled to numerous social benefits such as provincial healthcare converge and protection under Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The best thing about the Express Entry Skilled Workers’ Program is that you are automatically granted permanent residency after getting admitted to Canada. You can directly apply for Canadian citizenship. Foreign individuals like refugees and students who have not entered Canada as skilled workers under the Express Entry Program are required to apply for permanent residency.

The requirements to become a full-fledged Canadian citizen:

  • You must have lived in one of the provinces of Canada for at least 1095 days in the past five years.
  • You must pass a language-efficient examination.
  • You must also pass a citizenship test.

After receiving your Canadian citizenship, you gain the right to vote and run for different government offices. You will get a passport to travel as a Canadian citizen. You can also apply for jobs that require citizenship.


Immigrating to Canada is a dream for many, but not everyone can get the opportunity to immigrate to Canada and raise the standard of their living. You will need to meet the requirements set by the Canadian government and prove that you will add value to the local economy of the particular province in Canada.

A golden piece of advice would be approval from a Canada Immigration consultancy in Chennai to process your application. Immigration consultants have the requisite knowledge and training in immigration processes, and they can make the entire process easier and smoother for you.

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