How online classes is becoming the new normal

online classes

The government is still discussing Board 2021; Chhattisgarh has decided to conduct a paper from Jun1 2021, where the student will have to take the paper home and submit the answer sheets within five days.

As we are trying to restore the new normal, education is taking a shift towards more online classes to maintain social distancing without impacting the future of the students. Schools are conducting regular courses to make things easy for students, where teachers are playing a significant role in ensuring that there is no gap in gaining knowledge and staying updated with the required education.

A year before COVID-19 and lockdown, the educational app became a hot cake where students were getting new innovative methods to learn chapters with new graphics, and teacher connecting with students through visual presentations that makes chapters more exciting and authentic. But post lockdown, the option became a necessity as many schools shifted to online classes, and more than tuitions, these apps became the study buddy of the students.

This showcases that there is an infrastructure for the new age of technology integrating into our education system. This might have been a challenge for parents and teachers to bring the focus of students in this new culture of education becoming mandate, but changing time is becoming part of the routine. For the family where both parents were working during the partial lockdown, it might have brought a challenge, but it turns out to be a great asset during the safety period when families are inside the home.

This will also invite new-age technologies, especially with work from home and learn from home concept inviting investment for 5G infrastructure and data center infrastructure. The speed and place to manage such data will become a priority, and as the government said in 2020, “Data is the oil,” automatically making data centers the new reservoirs. Further, with 5G on the cards, the new age routines will have a backing speed that will help them adapt things faster.

The impact of COVID-19 has affected schools, whereas per the report, over 1,000 schools were for sales, which resulted that the school infrastructures required investment of close to Rs 7500 crore in the next two three years. Online education might have brought some relief, but the new culture needed support to adjust the routines as per the new need.

Nevertheless, the new education technology will see shaping various ways where the learning will bring new experiences, and further, with technology support and integration, there will be many changes. But online education also requires proper attention of parents, unlike traditional where during the school guardians i.e. teachers mentored the children alone. Now it is not just about learning but also ensuring that too much digital exposure doesn’t impact the children’s eyes, and apart from learning, they are also engaged in activities that keep them active.

 With the current situation, online classes are the most significant assets to keep safety and learning collaborated, but it equally requires parents’ attention to keep a check on the discipline and routine of their children.

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