How Social Media Affects Teens?

Social media addiction has become one of the most talked about topics of this age. We are living in the age of the internet. A large of services that compose our daily life are associated with the internet. When there is such reliance, it is hard to imagine a life without it. Social media platforms are most prevalent at this time but in many cases, it is gone out of control. Here in this article, we are going to talk a bit about the impacts of social media especially on teens. Several pieces of research have been conducted on this matter. And they all reveal that the use of social media impacts our lives quite significantly, especially the life of teens. It is the use of social media that has made the world so small as compared to the older days when communication was almost impossible if people were not close enough. But there are several downsides of using social media platforms as well.

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Positive impacts of social media on teens

Taking a broader look at the research performed on this topic, you will find that there are more negative effects as compared to positive ones. But we will take a look at those positive impacts.

Introduces them to diversity

One’s ability to know about the world was limited to books and newspapers only. But now there are no boundaries to it. Now you can know about the world with just the tip of your fingers. This infrastructure lets the teens see the diversity present in the world. As there are people from different places and cultures, it enhances a feeling of tolerance among them.

Educational benefits are tremendous

Social media platforms provide the most benefits in the field of education. Most people have realized the importance of social media platforms in this age of pandemic. Teens are always engaged in several projects and other activities like that. With the help of social media platforms, teenagers can share their views and ideas while working on a particular project or something like that. Apart from projects, you can also use social media platforms for other platforms as well.

Negative impacts of these platforms

We are now entering into the most significant portion of this article. A large number of parents around the world have issues with their kids addicted to social media platforms. Apart from mental effects, more screen time causes several physical harms. Let us take a detailed look at this situation.

It may lead to addiction

It has been found that the human brain reacts to excessive use of social media in the same way as it does to drugs and other addictive materials. Whenever someone is engaged in social media platforms for long hours, they may get addicted to it. In case someone gets addicted to it, you will need the same technique to treat that addiction. You may find a proper place for the treatment for this addiction by searching addiction centre India on a social media platform.

Reduces time that one spends outdoors

Those who spend more time on phones for social media platforms avoid going outside. Such a lifestyle leads to reduced time outdoors that in turn inhibits the mental growth of that kid. Spending more time in nature contributes a lot to the mental growth of a person.

Generates a feeling of comparison in the minds of those teens

This is yet another devastating effect of social media. When sees others and their possessions using sites like Facebook and many others, they start comparing those people with themselves. Such a comparison leads to demotivation and they start doubting themselves. This state of mind distracts them from reality and they start living in an imaginary world.

Diminishes one’s social skills

Social media interactions decrease one’s ability to interact with others in real life. This is because those teens are spending more time using the phone instead of meeting real people. It leads to a lack of social skills. Any person can’t be satisfied with the relationships in their lives if they don’t have good social skills. That dissatisfaction leads to stress, anxiety, and other disorders.

Reduces sleep hours

More screen time has the biggest effect on one’s sleeping patterns. The blue light coming from phones, tablets, and PCs is very harmful to our eyes. Prolonged exposure of human eyes to that light may act as an obstacle to your sleep. Not getting enough sleep is the root of several chronic diseases. Several health conditions are an indirect effect of excessive use of social media.

There are positive, as well as, negative effects of social media usage. It is not possible for teens to live without using social media. All the benefits can be harnessed if a teen uses social media platforms for a limited duration of time and that too for productive purposes. Like we have just talked about the use of these platforms for collaboration. Such a use of this platform will be beneficial and make the teens more professional.

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