How to choose the best plasma cutter?

If you are a metal cutting worker or metal cutting hobbyist then you should know the value of a Plasma cutter. So there are many plasma cutters available but you need to purchase the Best plasma cutting tool in 2021 for your work or for yourself so that you can make the best plasma cutting works successfully, even you are a hobbyist then also you need to purchase the best one so that you can make your metal art smoothly thus we created this list of ten best plasma cutters available in the market with detailed review and buyers guide so that you can get the best plasma cutter for yourself.

Even if you are a fresher, means if you are planning to go for a plasma cutter and want to start any metal arts or want to start working as full-time plasma cutter then also this guide is going to help you on how to purchase the best one.

Now let’s look on the point to look before you are going to purchase a great Plasma cutter for yourself

Cutting speed performance :

One must check the cutting speed of plasma cutter before purchasing one, the fast the cutting speed is the more thick quality material. now there are many quality written on the specs of a plasma cutter they are i.e, rated cut, quality cut and sever cut.

rated cut will cut out mild to medium, thickness material smoothly with maximum cutting speed. So while you cut mild thick metals then this would be perfect cutting for you.

Quality cut, now this cut quality will cut thick metals in a much longer period time, and will also give good quality cut. But the speed will slow it will take longer time.

Sever cut, on the other hand cut very thick metals smoothly with a very slow cutting speed. This cutting will also give you not so good quality cut. You would required to clean up after the cutting is done.

Compressor :

Now, compressor in the integral part of a plasma cutter. There generally comes two types of compressor one is nitrogen compressor and another is normal air compressor. For cutting thicker materials you need to have Nitrogen compressor, the main disadvantage of this compressor is that you need to also carry a seprate compressor with you. Where as air compressor is integrated with plasma cutter thus does not required separate compressor to carry around. Which is more portable.

Control Panel :

This point is specially important for novice or first time users, while you are purchasing your first plasma cutting tool in 2021 then you should go by checking the plasma cutter tool tha have easy to read and understand guide so that you can easily operate the plasma cutter. Now for advanced user as you already know much, you don’t required such guidance.

Power Supply :

All plasma cutters requires some kind of power supply, and there is always option for connecting power supply to the plasma cutting unit. but few plasma cutters comes with built in inverter., now the main facility being built in inverter is that you don’t need to always connect power supply separately and while you are working in remote area where power supply cannot be possible there comes this types of unit very handy. the major advantage of this type of plasma cutters is that they are very costly though if your works required this type of plasma cutter, then you need to buy this thus we are letting you know that this type of plasma cutters are also available.

Portability :

Portability, this point is also not for the majority of plasma cutting tool users, Because not everyone requires to move it around. If you have a welding shop or you are a hobbyist then a standalone plasma cutter can do your job. But if you need to always move around with your plasma cutter then you need to choose plasma cutters that are portable. By the way, in today’s era, there are a bunch of manufacturers offering portable plasma cutters so you don’t need to worry about it. You can easily find anywhere, yes obviously it is available online.

Wrapping up :

These are the few points while you are going to purchase a new plasma cutter that you should look at before. For novice or first time users, you need to take special care on price and on usability, and the control panel. Now there is nothing that only high priced plasma cutters have the power to be good or else the plasma cutter tool will not be good. Yes, there is only one thing that if you purchase a high priced plasma cutter then they will offer you much more longevity which you would not get from a cheaper plasma cutter. though as a first time user if you want to save your pocket then you can definitely go for a lesser priced one as you just need to set your hand first time. For a more detailed review of the ten best plasma cutters, you need to visit here you can find a detailed, researched in-depth review of many products which you required for your daily work life even if you are hobbyist.

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