How to Strengthen Your Relationship With Your Buyers in 2021

Buyers are one of the most important factors of sustaining a successful eCommerce business. Without them, your business would be non-existent. Hence the more successful you are at building relationships with your buyers, the more successful you will be at growing your brand.

Having a strong relationship with your customer means you have more influence over that customer. Thus there is a greater chance of such a customer becoming a “long-term” customer.

Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic also caused extreme changes in consumer shopping habits. Confinement measures, restrictions imposed on the commercial sector, and people’s concern for their health, triggered new processes in decision-making by consumers.

Live Stream Shopping can be the one-stop solution that can help you strengthen your relationship with buyers in 2021. Video commerce has the potential to achieve the following objectives leading to better customer relationships.

  • Help you develop rapport with your buyers
  • Builds trust and credibility among buyers
  • Shows how authentic a brand is
  • Caters to changed customer shopping habits
  • Offers convenience, fun, and better product experience to shoppers

Live online shopping started to boom in China in the last couple of years and today businesses of all sizes are now turning to Live Commerce to strengthen their relationship with buyers leading to more sales.

Over a third of internet users in China have made a purchase through live-streaming. Tech giants leveraged live streaming shopping for shopping festival 618 and generated over 1.4 billion yuan of sales. Retailers outside of China are also capturing this new trend of video streaming shopping. For instance, Lancome is leveraging live commerce to offer live consultation services where customers seek advice from Lancome’s beauty advisors. Visitors can also attend live stream shows hosted by celebrities, influencers, and other special guests.

Under Armour in South Africa has turned to video commerce for allowing customers to book private shopping sessions with store staff.

Hence we can say that Live Shopping, the mixing of Live Streaming technology with eCommerce, is being adopted worldwide as brands are seeing positive results.

What makes live streaming e-commerce a big hit?

The biggest perk of live shopping is its interactive nature, which also brings together elements of both e-commerce and entertainment. For example, beauty and makeup brands tend to host tutorials during live shows which means shoppers are able to learn about a product as well as ask personalized queries about it or how to use it.

Since everything happens in real-time you create a memorable experience to boost loyalty and offer exclusivity to incentivize purchase for existing loyal customers.

Shoppertainment a buzz word and customers love it! Shoppertainment means generating memorable experience for your shoppers through engaging activities, offers, deal, and discounts, etc which create a mood which motivates buying.

In a time when e-commerce is growing so fast, Shoppertainment via live commerce is beginning back life to online shopping. This creates the kind of customer engagement that would drive customers back to your brand and put a smile on their faces.

With the Live Shopping solution, you will be able to offer your customers the perks of video commerce which can strengthen your relationships with them. Our solution can seamlessly be integrated into your existing website or app hence you can start your streaming journey instantly.

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