HP Printers Support

HP Printers Support

Establishing a wireless connection

For establishing a wireless connection you need to make sure that your network is on and both, the device and the printer, are connected through same connections. Look for the printer on the device you want it to connect to and chose the printer.

You can also make your printer as default by Control Panel< Devices< printers< Choose your device< choose it be default.

Downloading and unboxing

Downloading the driver can be done from the official HP support site. You need to ensure that all the tapes are removed. Keep the tapes off while inserting the cartridges and the slates.

Driver issues

HP drivers play the most vital role for your printers to work. You can download them from hp.com/support and install the drivers. Using the .exe file you’ve just downloaded, make sure you install it properly. If there was an issue regarding the new updates, make sure you update them by visiting control panel.

You can receive the latest set of the software for the drivers from 123.hp.com/supportand through the link you can simply download and install them.

If there are any updates for the drivers make sure you install previous downloads successfully for no interruption during the installing of the driver updates.

Online HP chats for solutions

You can always contact HP services online on the official HP pages if you have any issues regarding the following:

  1. Drivers
  3. Execution
  4. Offline
  5. Ink errors

There will a chat box on the official page where you can simply message HP support about the problems you are facing. There is whole set of HP teams available for you. Someone will look into your problem and reply instantly regarding the issue with a solution.

Phone numbers to contact

If you ever have any other issues you can simply visit HP’s official site and check the various headings for your issues.

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