In December 2021, the locations in Manali

Manali was one of the most flexible tourist destinations in the country of a luggage paradise in a successful center for friends, and from a young family to come a romantic honeymoon target. This hill resort, known as Manali”s heart, is one of the busiest locations in Mall Road. In December, it is one of Manali’s best places to visit and is surrounded by hotels, restaurants, shops and emporiums throughout walking distance.

The beauty of this resort city is expressed in majestic mountains, snow tips, beautiful scenes, sweet cuisine and special cultural and luxurious hotels. Here are 15 best locations to visit Manali in December 2021, with many things to experience their tourists the true nature of the Himachel’s crowns.

 1. Download until you fall the Manali Mall Road

 Mall Road is one of the most powerful places in this Hill resort, called Manalis Heart. This is one of the best places that can be visited in Manali in December, and it is equipped with hotels, restaurants, local shops and shops throughout the corridor.

 Location: Himachal Pradesh, Mall Road, Manali

 Jobs: Shopping in your heart, dining in famous restaurants and Himachal Local Street Food flavors.

 2. Valley Solang

 Are you looking for an adventure many sport? During the trip to Manali in December 2021, enjoy exciting activities in the magical sitting.  Sound is a famous travel option with beautiful scenic views and adventure activities such as hiking in Manali.

 3. Old Manali

 Alt Manali is a paradise of backpacks removed from the Mall Road, 3 km from the city center. In December, tourists can see one of the best places in Manali, the consolidation of historical temples and one-sided coffee house combining traditional and contemporary culture.

 4. Siyali Mahadev

 The Siyali Mahadev Temple is located in Manali, just a stone’s throw away from the famous Mall line. Lord Shiva, in December, in December, the temple in Manali has an elegant wooden architecture and a quiet environment.

 5. Gulaba

 In December is the length for snow in Manali?  Then visit the majestic village of Gulabas. Gulaba is a developing tourist attraction at a height of 4300 meters in the area of Manali. Here are one of the best places that can be visited in Manali when the Rawtang Pass is closed in December with a strong snowfall. Various activities and good views of nearby snowy mountains can be maintained. Game calendar. This is one of Manali’s best spots to visit when heavy snow in December closes Rohtang Passer. Tourists are welcome to enjoy various activities and magnificent views of the neighboring snowy mountains.

 6.  Hampta Pass

 Hampta Pass Trek, in 4,270 m above sea level, is a small corridor of the Kullu Valley with Lahaul in Pir Panjal. In Kullu Manali, this is one of the best places for travelers who hunt in December in Manali hiking trails in the valley and camping in Manali. On the street you can see on a mountain side Kullu Green delicious, on a cold desert desert.

 7. Beas Kund

 Beas Kund is one of the most popular sights of Manalis. This is one of the most popular places for visitors from Manali in December to stay away from the heart, and the hustle and bustle of urban life for a quiet time. Tourists can enjoy an impressive view of Summites like Hanuman Tibba, Ladakhi Peak and Crossed Friendship Summit.

 8. Note Chokhor Mahavihara

 Tibetan monastery is in the picturesque valley of Kullu, Deden Cheekhor Mahavihara. This non-profit organization with partners in Tibet aims to maintain and promote the living tradition of Tibetan Buddhism.  In December, during the tour of Manali, tourists could find peace between the enchanting Himachal mountains, this is one of the most relaxing points to visit. Various activities and good views of nearby snowy mountains can be maintained. Game calendar.

 9. Chandrakhani Pass

 Chandrakhani Pass is one of the best places that can be visited in Manali, which leads to Manali in the Pistille of Malana village in December. Guided tours in the villages of Rumsu and Pulag can be selected by the region, which tour the picturesque landscape of the Chandrakhani Passport for an adventure tour.

 10.  Temple Gauri Shankar

 Another famous Temple of Hindu dedicated to Lordshiva is the Gauri Shankar Temple. This 12th-century temple is one of the best places where you can look at Manali in December near Naggars’s famous castle, and where visitors can enjoy the architectural beauty and works on his campus complex sculpture.

 11. Kasol

 Kasol is one of the most popular travel destinations for backpackers and can not be missed during the trip to Manali in December. Kasol is a small town in the mysterious valley of Parvati, a place where a place spend a quiet evening and enjoy river.


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