Kuari Pass trips A single traveler’s Chronicles

After almost Deux years off, it is now time to finally get the ‘refresh’ button at the end of the Ladakh-Spiti circuit in July 2016. Choosing the offbeat place never has been a problem and I have continued to resume the saddle with my favorite getaway, the Garhwal Himalayas.

I narrowed down on the Kuari Pass trek on the weekend of Republic day, remembering Rana Ji’s promise – my friend Joshimath that I would be joining him.

Kyle Ant Path Chronicle Trip bike was the entire Ladakh – Spiti Circuit in July 2016. Eventually, I got to the ‘refresh’ button. Picking the wrong destination is never a problem, and my favorite getaway from the Garwal Himalayas I continued to saddle up.

Republic Day weekend, I narrowed down trekking the Kuari pass trek route. Joshimato’s friend came up with a promise to join the Ranaji trek The news adds some spice to the adventure I was looking for, with heavy snow falling on Joshimato and Koji from the last two days. After a few rounds of discussion with the guide, we went on our next itinerary. Ashish:

 Day 1: Head to Joshimath, your ultimate destination for the day. Please leave Delhi until midnight on the 25th. We will arrive in Haridwar at 5 am.

 I almost knew what was in place before I left Delhi or left Abbado in 25 minutes as planned. Thick fog has so far surrounded the road, making 2 meters of visibility a difficult task. It took me two hours to finally cross Meerut. I was continuously pressed at the slow speed I had in Thunderbird.

We discovered a trekking route from Sir Joshimath, Governor-General of India, to Kuari Pass, which opened a beautiful trail that we could explore. This trekking mountain is part of the Garhwal Himalayas, a nice and beautiful place to visit for beginners. The eyes you ask for? Yes, you can experience the fun of skiing Auli is located a few kilometers away from the Lord Curzon Trail (aka Kuari Pass Trek). The biggest feature of this trek is the panoramic skyline and the view of the huge mountains from its position. Its highest peak, Kuaritoppu, is 4264m above the ground. When you reach the top, the mountain range in all directions is full of thrill and confidence. From this summit, more beautiful mountain ranges such as Kametto, Torisuru, Shokuhangba, Nanda Devi and Nanda Devi East Twin Peaks, Doronagiri, Gunti, Changaban, Hati Gordon Parubato, Mukitto Parubato, Rish Pahado can look at Mana Neil can not.

 I know it’s a Nansen slider, but because of the volume of fog, I seemed too stupid. The boldest thing in my life must be riding this blind fog with all my heart. But the challenge is even more special. Fortunately, the density when arriving at the Meerut Toll exit has decreased slightly. But I took the whole gown, including the helmet, as if I had finished the bath. Haridwar arrived at 6 am. Delayed due to continuous fog.

 Day 1

passed through the bubbles of several stations, and during a long time in Srinagar, I caught the river out of the evergreen Allak in her full grace. My Joshimato base station wasn’t too far away and arrived by 6 pm. Ranaji, a friend who always smiles, waits with her arms wide open and supports her guide Ashish, but as a result of emergency work at the Panduke Vortex, I reported that she was unable to accompany the tour. . So I slept soundly with Ashish to buy food for trekking.

 DAY 2

 8:30 AM I woke up and was excited for the next trek. Ashish used to say adding some guided trekkers. Hira-Your senior guide took us to the village of Dhak, the base of this tour.

 Long stone climbing begins in Dhak, with beautiful backgrounds of Nanda Devi and Donagiri peaks starting hiking at 10:30 in the morning.

 I was the slowest hiking tourist and took longer breaks to breathe and take pictures frequently. I left the city life and the rest of the long walk in my form but followed the Ashish guide, who believes his will is stronger than his physical ability.

 DAY 3

 In the morning, we start walking until 9:30 am. The guide told me that this is simply because it arrives within 3 to 4 hours on a 6 km trek from Garingu to the front line. At 2 o’clock at noon, you arrive at the front line with the sun hidden behind the tree line. It was almost empty at the beginning of the camping season. Another Mumbai group only had two camps and came back after trying to cross.

Girish indicated to me that we’re going ahead of jandhedhar about a kilometer to the summit in the front. In the background the summits of Pangarchula are visible. And now I’m back to the base, I hope my fellow riders do it up to the top.

 Days 4

The last day of the trek was bright. At 10 a.m., I set off from the front line between the glowing snow and golden trees. At 5 am, a colleague left to climb the peak of Pangarchulla, covered in snow. The other guide, Girish, quickly chose the path. During the hour, we showed a frame of the image across the Cheat and Chitrakantha icefields. How about a cedar with all the clean eyes and an old deo standing firmly on the eyes?

Girish pointed out to me that we would walk about 1km above jhandhedhar to the top of the foreground. Pangarchula peaks appear in the background. I’m back at the base now with the bars divided by fellow riders to the top.

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