List of delectable 5 cakes with different preparation methods

You can love or hate a cake, but you surely can’t ignore the fact that cakes are the most popular and most sold dessert around the world. I mean nothing says celebration louder than a cake, so it is quite impossible to skip a cake when you and the other billions of people are celebrating something. It’s been a tradition to cut a cake to commemorate any kind of celebration, for a long time now. We did it when we were kids, our parents did it, we still do it and the future generation will do the same. You know why?  Because it’s just the way the world has been adding sweetness to their special days and they still haven’t found a replacement. 

How can a cake be even replaced? Can something so delectable have a substitute? We don’t think so as everything about cakes is already so perfect – essence filled fluffy layer, icing, the decoration etc. you know a cake can make you drool all over your shirt just by talking about it. With such a wide presence in the market, it is simply hard to ignore a cake.  That is why it won’t be easy to replace something so good. You simply cannot resist a delicious fresh baked cake. Get cake delivery through online websites and give your celebration a pump. 

Cakes are of many types and can be distinguished in different ways. Some choose on the basis of its flavour, while some look for ingredients used. This time I’m differentiating them on the basis of their method of preparation. The ingredients used, the mixing method or baking method, all these separate cakes from each other. Yes, cakes can be prepared with so many different methods and yet all of them result in delicious treats. Here are some basic types of cakes which differ with each other in everything.

Butter Cake

The name defines that butter is the prime ingredient in this type of cake. A cake recipe that contains cream butter and sugar is a butter cake. This cake is very easy to make. It is nothing fancy and is a lightweight dessert for  the people who like to enjoy some every now and then. This type of cake or I mean a butter cake is perfect to accompany your evening tea; you can prepare this cake for your tea party or a brunch. You can also add fruit in it if you wish to as it will enhance the nutritional value of the cake. .

Flourless Baked Cake

This category includes all the baked cakes that are flourless. Cakes that are made without adding flour are flourless cakes. Cheesecakes and flourless chocolate cake are the best examples of this type of preparation method. The baking process of these cakes are similar to any other cake, it’s just one ingredient that differs. Easy to make and perfect for gluten allergic people. No flour means no gluten, so happy indulging.

Unbaked Flourless Cake

This category of cakes is just molded in a dessert ring and frozen and then unmoulded because you cannot bake them because of the ingredient selection. Some types of cheesecakes and mousse cakes fall into this category. Don’t worry, no baking does not mess with its taste, it still tastes heavenly.  Sometimes adding a layer of biscuits can be a good option.

Chiffon Cakes

Chiffon cakes are very light and airy. It’s named so because it’s as light as chiffon. Made with simple ingredients like vegetable oil and eggs, it has a very spongy texture. There is a particular method of mixing ingredients to give it fluffiness. 

Sponge Cake

Sponge cakes usually consist of flour, eggs, sugar, butter (sometimes) and flavoring. This recipe is free from baking powder or baking soda but a lot of beaten eggs. It gets its fluffiness for the air drilled into egg whites. To your surprise, it is considered to be one of the first non-yeasted cakes ever invented. It is the most common type of cake available for your online cake delivery in Mumbai

Facts say that there are more cakes than you can taste in your lifetime, and I think most of them fall into the above-mentioned categories.

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