M3m paragon – A good combination of Commercial and Retail Property

Pre-Launch M3M Paragon57 Sector 57, a development by M3M Properties. It is one of Gurugram’s best commercial buildings, according Trueasset. Trueasset provides the best M3M Paragon property, you just have to visit the website.  

Modern retail space and a full-service food court are both included in this commercial development.

They take care of all your needs and demands to have a luxurious lifestyle in Gurgaon. You may want to think about investing in these properties with Trueasset for future rental income, personal enjoyment, and commercial use.

You can easily travel between the city’s entertainment districts and business districts. It is advantageous to exercise some control over regions close to the city.

Features of Best Commercial Property in M3M Paragon

  • In the center of the city, a destination for boutique shopping! Start your business at a clever location with more than 50,000 families nearby, situated on a traffic island.
  • Retail, food, and grocery store variety
  • three-story stores with a ground floor
  • 30 feet of frontage with varying levels
  • situated in a crowded catchment
  • Outstanding Location Surrounded by Road on Three Sides
  • All stores are located on the main road or atrium.
  • Maximum shop frontage in a straight line
  • All floors have high-speed elevator and escalator connectivity.
  • Atrium/Grand Plaza in front of each store
  • The availability of a hypermarket, an entertainment area, and a food court
  • Vehicles with Hyper Market Level Direct Connectivity
  • Separate Movement of Vehicles and Pedestrians

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