Nag Tibba

Picturesque Drive

From Dehradun on a 3 to 4-hour pass through all-encompassing mountain courses fixed with the intriguing Himalayan greenery to the Pantwari town in the Yamuna stream valley. You pass the Queen of Hills, Mussoorie, and travel the wonderful falls of Kempty.

Goat Village

Experience the way of life in this ranch retreat in the city of Garhwali, which is 7,700 feet in the lap of the Himalayas. This sky was usually cured and created and takes you on time. Enjoy provincial horticulture, cook neighborhood cuisine, milk goats, explore the surrounding landscape and enjoy full moon evenings under the bright sky. The shavings are an old interaction called “Koti Banal,” a Himalayan region of the Garhwal. The shavings are implicit. The cabbages were mounted. The short-sighted, nearby way of life offers an extraordinary living meeting during a few days in these bungalows.

Lavish greenery

The Nag Tibba tour course in Uttarakhand covers thick woodland. The delightful mountain verdure rhododendron knew as a branch in the nearby language is fixed with astonishing woods trails. The path with its glorious glory is watched by huge pine trees and amazing oaks. The ground of Ashwagandha and Vajradanti is likewise wealthy in helpful spices. Intriguing Himalayan creatures locating and mountain bird peeping is an extra fundamental component of journeying.


The Temple Nag Tibba is the Trek’s star fascination, which is in the nearby lingo dedicated to Snake God or Nag Devta. One kilometer before the summit at Nag Tibba, surrounded on one side by the rhododendron river-woods, and on the other, by Deodar forests.

Culmination and Mountain Views

The 180 degree perspectives on the lower Ranges and the evergreen Bandar Poonch, Gangotri, Swarg Rohini, Chanabang, Kedarnath and Kala Nag Strips will remove you from the highest point.

Best an ideal opportunity to visit Nag Tibba

The Nag Tibba is a year-round journey during the whole season. Every season is characterized by a specific scene; all the perspectives restrictive to that time are wonderfully changed.

Day to March is the most enjoyable months when the route is covered with snow. This trip paralyzes you through its unspoiled, white spots and snow-covered trees in the mysterious isolation of the winters. It is one of the colder times of the year treks that absorb harmony and serenity most famous.

Your winter energy is insufficient without a huge fire. Enlighten a fire, break the jokes, click on important images, and make a wonderful memory of the world of stars before they resign in the solace of your tents.

During the late Spring, from April till June, you will have a wonderful outlook on the trip to Nag Tibba. The mountains are magnificently celestial against the landscape of a straight, blue sky.

The undeniable level of agribusiness is sound with natural air and wildflowers are wonderfully engaging afterward, peppered trails. The glowing mountain sun is concealed by thick woods and a thick covering of trees. Throughout the mid year months, you may even detect the Himalayan Black Bear, the Himalayan Leopards and colorful Himalayan birds like the Himalayan Eagles.

Rainstorm long periods of July and August are to some degree testing along Nag Tibba Trek with sloppy slants. The Nag Tibba Trek can be completed during the storm months in the event that you are searching for some adrénaline surge in light of the fact that the journey isn’t hard to stroll through. The scene is lavish and new, with a green sparkle in the whole area. You are reinforced inside by new mountain air thick and fresh fragrant. The extraordinary magnificence saw during the Monsoon season are the epic mountain tops and terraced fields with a front of foreboding shadows. Storm months, nonetheless, require certain safety measures as the path are wet and tricky. Ensure you bring sufficient traveling gear, hardware and footwear.

In September to November fall into affection when the whole view has red shades. Clear skies, new breeze, shining birds and a slight nip setting up camp noticeable all around are improvement experience for the journeying in the fall.

Trouble Level of Nag Tibba Trek

Contacted as the journey for novices, Nag Tibba offers you the alluring excellence of Uttarakhand Himalayas as one of its most effortless. Everyone with some little trip or no journeying experience can go on this trip, with a delicate territory without a significant length of steep strolling. Yet, an essential wellness level is required.

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