Navraj The Antalyas 37D

Navraj the Antaliyas

Tapping into the radiance of ‘Navraj The Antalyas’ : A luxury residential project at Sector 37D, Gurugram 

Hailing from the gracious land of Greece, arrives the word ‘Navraj The Antalyas’ meaning “break of day” The way the ribbons of sun rays loop enlightenment and happiness around one’s life, this pristine project by Navraj group aims to earn as many patrons as possible by conferring the most dazzling of amenities and creating a heavenly haven. This project is being planned at Sector 37 and being situated in the lap of the glamorous city of Gurugram is a major advantage that this project embodies. To top it off is the promising architecture, and security offered by the illustrious group : Navraj. So let’s beam straight into this gleaming endeavor. 

What to expect when probing this project? 

The first thing to take into account is the premier location of the project. Sector 37 is a choice location in Gurugram for developing a luxury residential project. Gurugram is a fast-developing city which offers countless  opportunities and a scope for perpetual prosperity. To elaborate on the locational advantage we can mention that the Antalya, Sector 37D is in close proximity with Dwarka Plaza, Dwarka Expressway, Mahamaya flyover and Hero Honda Chowk. Other than these facilities that extend the locational advantages, there are many more facilities to help you choose ‘The Antalya’ Sector 37D. This can be exemplified by the presence of well renowned schools and hospitals like Suncity and Medanta respectively. To resonate with your likes, the Navraj group has yet again laid an ornate plan in which some special inclusions have been made. For example : they’ve provided lots of open spaces to let you inhale a breath of fresh air. There are also multipurpose halls, swimming pools, private cinema, tennis court, jogging and fitness spots and much more to enable you to foster an elevated and relaxed personal life. And obviously the overall architecture is perfect to the bone since it is taken care of by one of the most esteemed developers, ‘Navraj Group’ who have more than a decade of experience. 


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Frequently Asked Questions 

How is Sector 37D an ideal location? 

Enmeshed in Gurgugram, the Antalya at Sector 37D has the advantage of being placed in a fast – paced city that provides a comprehensive scope for growth and development. Gurugram is an epicenter for corporate expansion and an inlet for various multinational corporations. In fact, Sector 37 in particular has been a testament to very recent growth. This makes ‘Antalya’ Sector 37D a very appropriate choice 

What are the amenities provided at ‘Antalya’ Sector 37D 

From triple height lobbies, 2 master bedrooms, VRV air conditioning, multiple swimming pools, clubhouses to having the best hospitals and schools in close proximity, this project offers a vast number of amenities and features that highlight its excellence. In addition, a very established transport network is formed by Dwarka Expressway, Mahamaya Flyover and much more.

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