Points to Bear in Mind During the First Years of Marriage

After the wedding, the life of the individuals involved in the marriage takes a giant leap.  The newlywed phase lasts one to three years and is marked by young love. You always agree on things and never argue. This period, however, just works for so long before endearing behaviours become bothersome and you begin bickering over the tiniest of issues.

The first year of the wedding is critical to your long-term satisfaction. It’s the period during which both members of a couple learn to live as companions without being stuck or acquiring harmful habits that could cage them later. It’s a fantastic time to start creating positive habits and ways of being with someone that will last the lifetime of your marriage.

Here are some things to keep in mind during your first several years of marriage.

1. Talk about money

Even if basic things like finances aren’t always entertaining or straightforward to talk about, you and your loved other should cooperate with them. To sustain your new life, you must share bank accounts and manage your shared finances as a legal family. Mortgage payments, rent, utilities, and spending the money all need to be allocated, and you and your partner may not always agree on how to divide it up.

Discuss how you’ll split or divide living expenditures, how you intend to live, and whether you both intend to work until retirement.

2. Make it feel like a home

Make a place for you and your partner to spend more time around. You don’t want your house to resemble a workplace or a guest house where you and your partner are just going through. Purchase a bagful of beautifully fragrant candles and soft rugs, and fully support the creation of a pleasant and warm house where a newly married couple may escape from the outside world. Make fond memories in this home, celebrate special occasions like anniversary by inviting friends, and cut an anniversary cake. These are the moments you will treasure forever.

3. Teach your spouse how to approach you in a respectful manner

You learn to treat someone in the first few years of being married. Before you solve a problem, you figure out who can withstand screaming and who needs the space. At this point, you must try to stand up for yourself in a caring manner and request for what you want and deserve. If you don’t, you’ll be disappointed that your spouse can’t read your thoughts and unhappy that he or she doesn’t connect the way you’d like for the entire life.

4. Don’t neglect the romance

Keep your phone away from the dining table, and don’t overlook how much fun dressing up can be. Don’t get into the trap of spending all of the time together in the pyjamas. This advice is reciprocal: your lover should make a concerted effort to win you over now and then.

It’s widespread to experience post-wedding melancholy. It’s normal to notice a drop in the spirits after all the thrill of the marriage. But how can you maintain that level of excitement in a marriage? Proceed to have fun with the partner. Have a random cake delivered in Delhi or Mumbai or wherever your spouse is then. Try a new dish together or experience a Ferris wheel at a theme park. Continue to learn, develop, and attempt new experiences together.

5. Delay having children

Wait to have children if you marry young. Before you bring babies to the equation, give yourselves some chance to understand how to be a married couple. People should lay the groundwork for their relationships without diversions to prepare when interruptions arrive.

6. Express gratitude

In today’s society, grumbling about marriage is pretty standard. Having unrealistic expectations for your partner or comparing your relationship to others is a sure way to be unhappy. Instead, Cultivate thankfulness by expressing your appreciation for your spouse’s positive contributions to the relationship frequently. Rather than focusing on the negative aspects of your relationship, devote attention to the positive aspects.

Even a little thank-you text can make a huge difference. Make small efforts every day and even on special occasions. Whether it is making breakfast for your spouse on a working day or gifting happy anniversary & online flowers on your special day, these actions are what makes a relationship strong in the long term.

7. Take it easy on yourself

It’s okay to accept that not every day is terrific or even excellent. Let’s talk about the flaws and the annoyances. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Marriage, according to the old saying, is a marathon, not a dash. Some mornings will feel like an endurance test, with you carrying your spouse up that hill and through a pile of mud. Fussing over whether or not you have a healthy marriage or if you’re doing it all “perfect” is a surefire route to failure.

Last Thoughts

These are just a few of the numerous details to keep in mind when embarking on a long road. You’ve just married the individual you can’t imagine not having in your life. You have the opportunity to spend your entire life with this person; take advantage of it! Stay up all night, drink copious amounts of wine, eat lavish meals, travel, see films, crack awful jokes, read the newspaper in bed.  All was well earlier, but it’s much better now because you’ve decided to stick together through better or worse. Take it all in.

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