Short Term Loans: How Are They Beneficial?

Short-term loans have become a go-to solution for the short crunches in the UK. Most people’s cost of living is in close line with their income levels. Hence they find it challenging to save up any money. Whenever people face an unexpected bill, they either use up the savings, which isn’t a wise idea or go up for the Short-term Loan to meet the bills. The increased demand for short-term loans has seen many lenders enter the market and offer these loans.

Why do they call short-term loans?

Short-term loans are personal loans that the customers generally take to meet the unexpected cash crunch or emergency purposes. The typical tenure for the short-term loan would be of 3-12 months.

Lenders process the loans for a shorter period. Hence the rate of interest charges is high as there is an increased involvement of risk. In Short-term loans, businesses prefer short-term business loans, and individuals prefer short-term cash loans.

Are Short term Business loans helpful?

No one could predict the future. In the same way, any company which is either small, medium and large might face a slash. At some point, cash injection is necessary for almost all companies; this is where the short-term business loans come into the picture.

Short-term business loans are always availed by the companies/businesses to meet the cash crunch for a shorter time. They provide financial relief in emergencies such as sudden sales, purchase of machinery or goods, Premises repairs, etc. They are available as unsecured and secured loans, which are repaid within the stipulated time, which is less than the long- and medium-term loans.

Unsecured Short term business loans: These loans are offered at a high-interest rate as they don’t require any personal or business asset to provide security. Lenders may see unsecured as an increased risk. As a result, they offer a low amount with a higher interest rate at a quicker disbursal.

Secured Short term business loans: These loans can avail at a low interest rate as the collateral for the loan is offered. The disbursal is a little more time-consuming than the unsecured, as the lender has to evaluate the asset you put in for safety.

Different types of Short-term business loans available are:

  • Invoice financing
  • Merchant cash advance
  • Bridging Loans

Overall, it is a wise decision to go for short-term business loans to meet your financial crisis. But, I would suggest you check the eligibility parameters and the conditions before availing of a loan.

How can short-term cash loans be beneficial?

Short-term cash loans are personal loans taken by individuals to meet the cash crunch or keep up with unexpected bills. As these are emergency loans, the lenders have made the process easy and swift. They will process within hours after applying for the loan.

Short-term cash loans are also available in two forms.

  • Secured short term cash loans
  • Unsecured short term cash loans

Uses: Cash crunch or unexpected expenses are by Short-term loans. Many people take these loans to cover the costs like paying of salaries, car repair, replacing appliances, paying medical bills, short capital usage, purchase of equipment, etc.,

Advantage: The Bills can be paid up in time and help you maintain a healthy relationship with the vendors or the merchants. The short-term loans can use as an emergency cash fund, and you can borrow a small amount as little as 100 if that is all you need.

Regulations and Rules: Short-term Payday lenders are heavily regulated and must strictly follow the rules enforced by the FCA. There are price caps to protect the borrower.

  • The customer must pay no more than 0.8% per day in interest.
  • If the borrowers fail to pay back their loan on time, they can charge no more than £15 in fees.
  • Borrowers will never pay more than double the amount of money initially borrowed.

Apply: Borrowers can fill up the application from any internet-enabled gadget and get the approved decisions in minutes. You have to spend a few minutes submitting your personal details post, which lenders will evaluate, and the decision is informed. Once the loan is approved, the money will disburse in minutes.

Repayment: The repayments are made electronically through Continuous Payment Authority. During the loan agreement, the borrower must provide the bank account details that the borrower will repay and the date when they will repay it.

Choosing the right lender: Due to the increase in demand for short-term loans, the lenders have also increased. Hence, always check for the conditions, repayment terms, cost of borrowing, customer service, and the interest rates of all the lenders available and make the intelligent decision.        

How to compare short-term loans:  

Always check for the actual price you pay. There might be many lenders offering different interest rates. Always check out the repayment amount if you pay on time and check for the additional charges levied if you couldn’t pay on time.

There can be payday loans lender to be tricky. Always check whether the company’s registered with the FCA or not.

Application criteria could be different for the lenders. Make sure you have all the documents in hand before applying to any lender.

Watch out for the marketing opt-ins. If you click on yes and you want to hear from them and selected third parties, it means they could sell your data to whoever they like.


Short-term Loans always help one in an emergency. As these loans are available at a high-interest rate to the low credit score profiles, one should be aware of the interest rates and ensure the repayments are timely. If not, there would be a credit score drop, which might be a problem in availing loans in the future. Please keep a tab on the eligibility criteria, the terms and conditions set by the lenders, and the repayment amount. Compare the multiple offers available to you before filling up the application.

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