Should Family Give Up On an Addicted Person?

In many cases of addiction, an addiction center is not the only solution. There are several situations when family members are so frustrated and annoyed that they start thinking about giving up on the addicts. But that thought can never be justified. When you love someone and they become addicted to alcohol or something like that, it is a devastating experience. Apart from the physical, and financial, a lot of mental pain is also involved in this process. Addiction affects several aspects of one’s life. A large number of people who become addicted lose their relationship, job, deteriorate their health and create several other problems. Seeing someone in a situation like this is really heartbreaking. After the severity of addiction increases, the behavior of the addict becomes even more irritating.

The struggle to get away from addiction is a very intense one. Sometimes the situation of the addicts frustrates, as well as, confuses the family members and other closely related person. The behavior of the addicts is so random and confusing that it puts a lot of pressure on the caretakers. These are some of the reasons why a healthy person finds it difficult to serve an addict. Taking care of the addicts is difficult because the addicts are usually shouting at the caretakers. When you combine all these features, you will find that it is very easy to lose hope during this struggling process. If you find yourself on the verge of losing hope, this article is going to help you a lot.

Why you should never give up on a person who is addicted?

Now that you are aware of the challenges that make this process so complicated. In this section, we are going to mention some genuine reasons to teach that you should never give up on such a person.

Relapse becomes important for recovery in some cases

Several chronic diseases don’t go away quickly. Once they are treated, you may think that the sufferer has got rid of it but the disease will come back. But the victim finally wins the battle after continuous treatment. De-addiction also works in the same way in many cases. So, the addicts are made to relapse in their old habits as a part of the recovery. There are some people who have to go through multiple relapses before they fully recover from addiction. You may be required to indulge in such practices because de-addiction is a long and complicated process. And personalized approaches are used in order to treat individuals.

We have seen several people who took decades to get well and detach themselves from the addiction. All that you should do here is keep the addict in the right mental state. If a relapse is helpful here, you may use it. The addict will be able to understand his situation only if he is in a situation to listen. Now we can make sure that relapse would not be a disappointing thing for you.

The addicted person still has the ability to recover

No matter how severe the addiction has become, but it is always treatable. When someone craves alcohol, it becomes very disturbing for the family members and friends. These hard times are enough for someone to lose hope and think that the disease can’t be treated. But your assumption is far from reality. And it is not wise to make decisions or act based on a false assumption. Addiction is considered a chronic situation but is not something that can’t be treated. The resources to treat a disease are available on a wide level but the difficulty arises because the person is not willing to take help. If someone is planning to give up on a loved one despite having so many resources, it would be a very unfortunate situation.

There is something that you can do here in order to get rid of the negative feelings. Most people become upset because they compare the glorious past of the addict with his miserable present. Thinking differently will help you cope with this situation. Start focusing on the fact that you can bring back that old fascinating person if you treat his/her addiction. This positivity will not let your hope fade no matter how hard the situation is. Instead of focusing on the consequences, you should be concerned about the potential of that person. It will help you to be with that person in hard times.

Don’t consider the situation of your loved one “a hopeless case”

People become hopeless mostly in those cases where the addicts get back to their usual routine even after treatment. The more there is the occurrence of this situation, the frustrated family members become. Such a case makes the family members lose hope and they are discouraged as a result of it. But you should know that it is not something that makes the treatment impossible for that person. Right now, there is a large number of techniques and a wide range of resources that are very effective to treat addiction. If you are a family member or a friend of that person, you have to be filled with patience and perseverance. These two qualities will help you get to the right solution. Most of the problems will be solved if you reach the right rehabilitation center.

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