Silvadur Antimicrobial Home Textiles

Silvadur Antimicrobial Home Textiles

Henry & BROS, is pleased to launch a new collection of Antimicrobial bedding and blankets with DuPont Silvadur protection against microorganisms and virus.  Our range of home textiles for kids and adults delivers ultra soft cotton bedding with EPA-approved DuPont Silvadur technology which neutralizes microbes with organic technology. With a PhD Textiles and a MSc in Advanced Textiles and Performance Clothing, Dr. Jennie Peterson Yu brings advanced antimicrobial fabric finishing to the children’s brand, Henry and Brothers, which is known for high-caliber products.

Children’s Antimicrobial Blankets

Our Antimicrobial kids blankets are specially woven using high quality organic cotton and Pima cotton yarns with specialized double layer cloth fabric weaving for cloud-like softness, before they are treated with Antimicrobial Silvadur ionic finishing, and sewn into our best-selling quilted cotton blankets. Rest well knowing your children’s bedding is working to keep them odor-free and fresh.

Ideal for Families

Henry & BROS., brand offers a collection of antimicrobial sateen bedsheets, Antimicrobial Coolmax All Season face masks, and antimicrobial kids blankets including toddler blankets, bunk bed quilts, and baby travel blankets. This Fall, we will launch our first adult Antimicrobial King Quilt which mimics our best-selling bunk beds quilts but in an extra large size. Henry & BROS., Antibacterial home textiles meet the global demand for higher quality products which are both effective and comforting in times of biological uncertainty. The Silvadur by DuPont polymeric nature, low-dosage profile and formulation composition is ideal for families seeking an additional level of protection against microorganisms.

Safe Chemistry & Washing

Independent clinical analysis confirms the Silvadur by DuPont polymer technology doesn’t interfere or irritate humans or their skin. The covalent bonds of Silvadur are safe.   The silver ions (Ag+) form an insoluble and interpenetrating polymer when it is applied to our high-quality home textiles and protective face masks in the fabric form. “EPA has evaluated Silvadur 930 Flex and determined that it is safe for use as a materials preservative in textiles or fabric,” according to the EPA’s Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention.

 The durability of Silvadur in fabric application allows our home textiles to have an Antimicrobial durability for 50 washes. Throughout the product lifecycle, the integrated fabric technology releases a low-level of silver ions which are safe-to-humans.

Smart Silver Ionic Power

Silver is a natural defense against microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, mildew, and other microbes.  As the silver ions are released over time, a fabric-integrated protection against such antigens diminishes the growth of harmful protozoans and bacteria. When the silver ions come into contact with foreign bodies, the silver ions neutralize the unwanted microscopic organisms with organic technology, resulting in effective protection. SILVADUR binds to viral DNA preventing virus growth and spread by incapacitating cellular membrane functions at the biological level.

Henry & BROTHERS’ Manufacturing Advantage

We are textile engineers first and foremost with a passion for fabric and quality.  Our entirely vertical operation enables us to modify our operations to react quickly as the market demands shift while guaranteeing premium, sustainable materials are used.  We are committed to using high caliber standards kn our manufacturing.  We always use azo-free dyestuff, okeo-Tex certified materials for our washable face masks, and premium Pima and organic cotton for our home textiles.   Our cotton quality is all either organic (minimum 50% organic composition) or Pima cotton. Our synthetic performance fibers such as Coolmax All Season and Ecovero are made by trusted textile leaders Invista and Lenzing, respectively.  Our own vertical manufacturing operation delivers the private label Henry & BROS., from design through packaging.  

Henry & BROS, the Brand 

Creating premium cotton fabrics with unparalleled performance and softness for families is our core strength.  Henry & BROS., the brand is a reflection of our manufacturing values.  It is a brand named for our sons and we value the integrity of each product and it’s design.  We proudly develop innovative and high-performance fabrics for our range of Antimicrobial home textiles, Antimicrobial Coolmax Face masks, and Antimicrobial travel accessories for children such as our patented Baby Travel Blankets and Car Seat Covers. 

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