Some Best Listing Platform for Doctors

Online presence for medical professionals is becoming vital in challenging times of COVID-19. Here are some best listing platforms for doctors that one can try.

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Some Best Listing Platform for Doctors

Technology has disrupted how we shop, learn and seek medical help. Additionally, the coronavirus outbreak makes it crucial for healthcare professionals to be available online for safe consultations. On the other hand, to increase visibility, professional practice and gain loyal clients, doctors need to leverage the listing platforms available. Apart from social media, listing yourself on apps makes the process hassle-free and helps in serving many patients. Let’s look at some of the best platforms for listing doctors.


Docgenie is one of the Best Online Doctor Consultation Platform in India. they Provide you General Physician, ENT Specialist, Psychiatrist, Pediatrician,
Obstetrician & Gynecologists, Dermatologist, Physiotherapist, Orthopedics, Cardiologist, Gastroenterologist, Dentist, Surgeon, Oncology, Urologist doctor in Delhi India

Bajaj Finserv Health Doctor

This app makes the consultation process easy for doctors as it offers a plethora of unique services. It is a one-stop destination for managing vast patient records, numerous appointments and prescriptions. Bajaj Finserv Health Doctor goes beyond teleconsultation and offers assistance in the form of a virtual receptionist. It lets you focus on treating the patients rather than wasting time administering and managing the whole process. A virtual receptionist answers routine calls, makes appointments, handles multi-mode consultations etc. Additionally, with the help of an intelligent auto-suggest medicine tool, the prescription process becomes more manageable.


This app has a simple and straightforward user interface that makes it easy to set up a profile quickly. All you have to do is mention your timings, specialization and fees. Practo offers the facility to leave reviews and ratings to the patients that can help attract more patients. You also have the option of answering questions posted on the app or writing articles under your area of expertise which can increase your visibility. Hence, you can use this tool to build your profile for the long run.


According to the co-founder of this app, people can consult medical professionals for almost 70% of all health problems. It has a massive base of more than four lakh patients. This app is quite popular in rural areas, giving you an opportunity to serve people who actually need better medical services. Because of its easy to use features, you can easily make your account and start providing online consultations. Additionally, it routes any medical queries in the immediate neighbourhood to the respective doctor. This makes doctors gain local visibility over their competition.


Lybrate makes it possible to connect with patients from all over the world. Based on your preference, you can either go for the paid or free plan on this app. additionally, it easily manages all the appointments, calls and prescriptions of your existing patients. You can also build your profile by customizing your page and mentioning your achievements and professional milestones in detail. With its Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, you can access the patient records right before their visit is scheduled. Therefore, any last-minute hurry is avoided with this feature.

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Phable Doctor

A new player in the market, the Phable Doctor app is getting popular among medical professionals day by day. It focuses on chronic ailments such as diabetes, blood pressure, cardiac issues, mental health etc. Doctors can easily manage a patient’s record with its digital assistant. This app is loaded up with all the essential features that make it easier for professionals to navigate without wasting time. Additionally, the app’s objective is to inform the doctor about both preventive and urgent medical needs to make better and informed decisions.

Remedo Doctor

The main objective of this app is to provide doctors with a tool for managing their practice effectively. In this app, you can track important patients and send reminders for regular checkups. Additionally, you can post videos that answer medical queries authentically. The app maintains digital records, appointments and sends daily, weekly and monthly reminders. A simple app with out of the box features for pre-consultation engagement, Remedo makes patient retention possible. You can also connect with your clinic’s television or computer screen for playing medical videos for a more professional environment.


Technology is a game-changer in how professionals approach their medical practice. It can help in giving a boost even in the formative years of your career and provide authentic and sustainable marketing. Therefore, if you are a doctor, do not think twice and list yourself on these platforms for better reach, service and higher earnings.

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