Spread Awareness about Cigarettes Injurious to Health with Cigar Boxes- Here is how

How Will This Help?

In times like these, where the world is obsessing over cigars and cigarettes, it is vital to bring attention to its adverse effects. Although it might sound difficult, it isn’t impossible. For this purpose, a unique way of addressing the situation is to use custom packaging. The idea is to manufacture cigar boxes wholesale that have labels and prints that might jump out at people.

It is so because since cigarettes are bought the most, people might take out a minute to read what’s written. It can only be done by making the packaging unique and bright. Not only will this help grab attention, but it can also evict the issue.

 Therefore, if you are a seller, this blog has all the tips and tricks for you to bring a change in society. Please read below to know all about cigar boxes wholesale and their positive impact on society.

Material- Choose The Right One

There is no doubt that the box needs to be resilient and reliable to be lasting enough. This is why the packaging companies in the market offer materials like cardstock and eco-kraft. Indeed both of these materials are unique in their own ways. However, the only difference is that eco-friendly kraft is biodegradable and helps reduce toxins.

You can use any material at your convenience. Don’t worry; both these materials are affordable and print-friendly. So everything you print on the boxes will remain forever.

Box Style- Intriguing Styles Are Vital

Haven’t we all seen the typical rectangular cigar boxes wholesale?

Yes, we have!

So to stand out, it is essential to think out of the box. The companies available in the market have different styles and designs that add to the value of boxes. For instance, you can use tuck end boxes that can intrigue more customers. The purpose of the tuck end box is to add to the box’s value and make it top-notch. Moreover, numerous styles are obtainable, and you get to choose the one that takes away your heart.

Printing- Disclaimers Are Always Helpful

Printing in this regard plays the most significant role. You can print different colors, photos, prints, and whatnot on the boxes. Hence, if you wish to raise awareness through your packaging, here are a few ideas for you.

  1. Color the packaging in the most vibrant color
  2. Use bold text and larger text size
  3. Use images that catch the attention of buyers
  4. Write injurious effects of cigarettes
  5. Print the logo of your brand for people to recognize.

Moreover, to ensure the right color scheme on the boxes, the companies offer CMYK and PMS methods. Both of these color models are bright and adorable. You get to choose the method you like. The purpose behind using these color models is to bring about the exact color from the color portfolio. CMYK has a variety of color shades for you. You can find exact shades by chance, but the shades are much more enthralling. On the other hand, PMS has a set of absolute color schemes for you to choose your favorite ones.

Laminations- Smooth Out The Boxes

Done with printings?

The next step is to laminate the boxes to ensure smoothness. You have two choices available, which are gloss and matte coating. Both of these coatings tend to play the same role differently.

Firstly, the gloss coating offers a shiny coverage to the box. Not only does it help take your packaging up a notch, but it also stands apart from the rest. Your customers can see glimpses of shine from a distance, so it is a win-win situation. On the other hand, the matte coating provides a sleek and subtle coverage. Even though it does not shine, the neatness is enough to make customers fall in love with it. It will result in them reading the adverse impacts, and they might step back.

So, to make a change in society, it is important to focus on attention to detail.

Logo- Build Your Brand’s Reputation:

Lastly, make sure you print your brand’s logo on the boxes. The idea is to enlighten customers along with subtly promoting the company. So for your own betterment, you must print the logo brightly on the box in a larger size. Along with enhancing your brand’s reputation, it will also multiple your sales.

So what is stopping you from getting custom cigar boxes made? Order now.

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