The 8 Qualities Every Yoga Instructor Must Possess

Yoga is an art as vast as the cosmos. There is no end to learning something new every time about this ancient art. The more you learn, the more there is to know and understand about yoga. If you want to expand your knowledge of this sacred art, you should enroll in a certified yoga instructor course.

However, remember that becoming a certified yoga instructor is more than just teaching yoga asanas. The journey to becoming a yoga master requires you to conquer not just physical but also mental and spiritual hurdles. In other words, a yoga instructor has to master themselves before helping others become their better selves.

With that said, yoga masters have come up with some must-have qualities that every yoga teacher should have.

8 Qualities of an Exceptional Yoga Instructor

As stated above, to become a yoga instructor, you need to do much more than teach yoga. There are some qualities that make a yoga instructor stand out from the rest.

Taking the last statement into consideration, yoga experts have come up with eight qualities that every yoga instructor must possess.

  1. Be Authentic

Becoming a yoga instructor requires that you be authentic. It means you do not run after perfection when it comes to teaching yoga to the students. The more you show your authentic side, the more you would be able to connect deeply with the students in your class.

  1. Effective Communication

To become a certified yoga instructor is not enough, good communication is something every good yoga instructor must possess. You have to guide the students via instructions and give the right cues during the yoga session.

In other words, good communication is key to connecting with the students in your class. You should possess knowledge of yoga cues and how you can communicate the same with your students.

  1. Be Personable

As a yoga instructor, you have to be warm and open towards your students. From a business perspective, it helps you attract the yoga learning crowd. As a teacher, you would help students feel warm and comfortable in the yoga class.

Yoga experts recommend you should try staying a little late after the class so that any student having a doubt can come up to you. Try to remember the student’s names which leave a positive impression on the students and spreads the word about your abilities as a yoga teacher.

  1. Be Honest

For you to become a yoga instructor, honesty is something you can not overlook. You have to remain true to yourself and the students. Share any aspects of yoga technique or asana they might not be aware of. Do not try to be a “know-it-all” and be honest if you don’t possess the answer to a question.

  1. Inspire Others

An exceptional yoga instructor knows how to inspire their students to be the best in a yoga session. This can include telling them a story, or a quote that helps them remain positive when they are finding it hard to carry on the yoga session.

Yoga experts recommend you should help the students grow in their personal yoga practice. You have to take some extra initiative to inspire students to become their better selves both on and off the yoga mat.

  1. Share Knowledge

A duty you have to fulfill as a yoga instructor is to share knowledge of yoga with others. It could be something as simple as sharing the facts about a specific yoga asana and its benefits.

At times, the students might have a few questions after the class. Always remember, you possess the gift of sharing this ancient art with others. The more you share, the more this knowledge will spread.

  1. Be Ready

As a certified yoga instructor, you have to always have a plan for the next yoga session. This means you have to rehearse the entire class by yourself before teaching the same to your students. You should possess a clear idea about starting yoga asana as well as the last one.

Being ready before students step into your class gives them the confidence that you are the right person for learning yoga.

  1. No Ego

To become a great yoga instructor, you have to keep your ego in check. Be humble and polite when offering adjustment tips even to someone with no experience. Remember, you too were a beginner at some point in time. Moreover, the more you are away from the ego, the more open you will be to learning something new about yoga even as an instructor.


Do you want to help others unlock their true self with yoga? Look for a certified yoga instructor course and master this ancient art under the guidance of experts.

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