The Advantages and Disadvantages of Live Online Classes

Live Online Classes

After the pandemic, live online classes have become the “new normal” in today’s generation. But are they really effective for your child? Can an online learning platform challenge the traditional forms of the classroom?

The blog will explore the many advantages and disadvantages of virtual online classes for your kid. 

How are online classes apps beneficial?

The popularity of virtual online classes has proven quite beneficial for some people. Let us understand the many benefits of this new form of learning method. 


One of the primary benefits that online kids classes offer is the ease of accessibility. Physical distance is no longer an issue as your kids now have access to educators in the country without actually traveling to a particular location. It is easier to browse through the courses and learn so many new things from the comfort of your home and at your own ease and convenience. 


The major benefit that a live online class offers is the flexibility of time and location. Your kids can easily accommodate a virtual class in their schedule without having to worry about a fixed time or missing lessons just because they are busy. Children can attend classes on an online learning platform – anytime they want, and anywhere they want. 

The flexibility of attending classes anytime also contributes to better mental health. Students do not have to stress about juggling their academics and their passion for learning something new. They can do it in their own comfort and leisure. 


Since educators do not have to invest a lot of money in providing live online classes, it makes this type of education more cost-effective and budget-friendly for students. In addition, students also save money on transportation costs. Overall, an online learning platform is much more affordable than traditional classroom methods. 

What are the drawbacks of live online classes?

Although online classes have many advantages, they come with their own drawbacks. 

Screen time

Attending online live classes has increased the screen time of both adults and children. More screen time means a myriad of negative issues, including headaches, eye strain, neck and back pain, and others. In order to avoid this drawback, make sure that your kids take small breaks in between and give their body and mind some rest before they start again with lessons.  


Your kids will attend classes at their own convenience and schedule from the comfort of their homes. Thus, they are bound to feel lonely and alone and miss the company of their peers. This can be quite problematic for those who are naturally extroverted and love the company of other people. To combat this issue, you can ask other kids to join in the same course, and together they can discuss their lessons or any issue they might be having. This will somehow reduce the problem of feeling lonely.  

Lack of focus

The problem of distraction and loss of focus is a major issue in a live online class. There is no one to monitor and ensure that your kids attend lessons regularly. Thus, it would be best if you instilled self-discipline in your child. Also, do not forget to be in a get latest news constant loop with teachers to know about your child’s progress. 

Everything comes with its own benefits and drawbacks. How effectively we use these resources to make the most out of our investment is upon us. 

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