The best time to visit Kuari Pass

when a boy draws a good scene, there is a mountain with a sunrise behind and two isolated mountains behind. Flying birds offset the green wetlands and river channels, draw the river channels moving from the mountains, and draw the sky. This is a spectacular scenery for all of us, but if they make us sad and show the movie, the movie must see what we have imagined that we have to show. It did not happen. The winner of the

 India watch is exploring and announcing the marquee path from Yosimas to Gawar Himalayas through Kuari Pass. Kuari is like a 4264-meter amphitheater. Some sturdy Himalayan peaks occupy their place. 7,000 meters club: Camet (7,756 meters), Trishul (7,120 meters), Chaukhamba (7,178 meters) and Nandadévi (7,817 million) (7,434 million). The truly refreshing part of the

 trek is experiencing a unique experience in the beauty and tranquility of the Himalayan grasslands, crossing the luxurious Himalayan desert known as “burning customers” in the local language. Golsnebiar, which is composed of vast green meadows, is more pronounced. This hike is also suitable for the beautiful Qualipas ski slopes.

 TRAIL LE ends at your other little PATHBINAYAK and TALPT, at the top of the 13,990 meter trail from Quaritop.

 The hike was not very difficult, and a great physical cost was paid in some of the most beautiful scenery in Himalaya Auto City. From the point of view of the Massif de Nanda Devi, this walking route is very attractive. If you want to have fun, send a backpack to Haridwar, from Haridwar to Haridwar. The TTH team took him out on the Kuari Pass Trek on Carston Lane, but what he saw was the most beautiful tourist attraction.

 Welcome, Kuari’s passing journey. Qualipas is located at 12,500 meters above sea level, it is a spacious meeting place from mountains, streams, shores, forests and tourist routes to the blackboard. Kuari Pass has a meeting for life. On the first day, Nanda Devi had a full perspective on the dark green wetland, snow was falling from the sky, which brought resistance to the whole trip, visiting different wetlands, rivers, edges, crevices and passing through the Riviere. Due to direct and simple travel, including medium travel, this travel route thanks to the sky and provides you with a sample of all the natural landscapes in the mountains.

 Kuari Pass is great for visiting Kuari Pass Trek

 Kuari Pass trek uses ZasannyMountain, Nord, Valley and rivers to add new brushes to its new components. The storm aside, this is a reasonable trip for all plans. Since it is a hybrid car, it is considered a slow winter or early summer.

 There is little snow, and the most pleasant way to travel is spring. The trail will turn great, with natural shadows and lots of snow in the middle. In spring, you can see a red safflower in a lively wetland or a bustling bush, with snowy valleys behind them. It flows through liquefied snow and pines, pines, oaks, maples, and birches, and as spring passes, they hit your plate again.

 Nature herself has gained another life in spring. The song of the birds in the forest is the snow-capped mountains behind the forest, looking at the white sheep on the grass, gives each sailor a harmony and harmony. As night falls, the bright sky in the dense oak forest is a strong sense of connotation, and is the subtle light emitted by the camp against the backdrop of natural tranquility.

 Kuari Pass Journeence The temperature of a spring

 The most attractive camp, the highest temperature drop and breeze, the coolest is extreme, add 13, add three-three Josimas, at least one caravan and 7 to 5 campuses to digital. Although it continues to rise, it is easy to adapt to temperature changes due to its low trend. The temperature setting and constant rise are ideal hikes for extra enthusiasts and explorers, everything is the same.

 Similarly, enthusiastic operators and pilgrims, the main chariot, the great national ambassador, the great heart, the excellence of the Himalayas in 1905, respectively, were respected, and gave another name to travel for this. The hike starts from Ollie. This focuses on your diagonal and oblique views. This is from the perspective of 8,800 meters above sea level and 7,800 meters above sea level. Aoli perspectives for Nanda Devi can get a clear illustration of the entire Nanda Devi mountain from the blue sky, which can directly reverse its wonderful position.

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