The Most Exciting Games Coming in 2021+

Role playing games have their own place in the computer gaming industry and they will stay in place forever, never to be pushed out by anything else. To live the life of an adventuring hero through an interactive story is something else; and the more romantic among us are always craving for continuing the journey.

There are some great RPG titles coming out this year. Some are already out, like the Mass Effect LE, and for some like the Diablo 2 remake we are waiting with baited breath. Today, we will talk about the upcoming Role Playing Games of 2021. Among them, some are first or third person titles played from the player’s point of view, and some are played with real time strategy view.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

No doubt, the Mass effect anthology has been the very best space RPG games there ever was, on any platform. And it is high time that they received a polish and republish. The Mass Effect games are getting remastered — you agree, at least the first one in the series needed that sorely.

Among the updates and upgrades to the old games are remastered visuals, support for ultra high definition and extra wide screens, extra high frame rates (though we’d say a freesync-ed 75 Hz FHD monitor is all you really need to enjoy these games, but don’t listen to us if you got that beast of a 55 inch UHD 144 fps tv anyway). Plus you will get all the DLCs and promos that were ever released for the games.

The Elder Scrolls VI

The veterans of Oblivion or Morrowind will be drooling to know this already — and the later generation Skyrim fans will also get close to orgasmic pleasure knowing that the next iteration in the Elder Scrolls universe is just around the corner. Yes, The Elder Scrolls VI is in the labs getting ready to be released soon, perhaps even in 2022 if we’re lucky.

We got to see the official Elder Scrolls VI announcement teaser trailer in E3 2021, and boy was it a whopper! The world alone looked even more dramatic and awesome than Skyrim. Unfortunately, that’s all we could see in the teaser, but that alone hints at the true open-world experience that has always been the signature of the Elder Scrolls games.

Baldur’s Gate 3

The venerable Baldur’s Gate saga is getting it on with the third iteration in the franchise, and it is more of a joy than almost anything in 2021. It is no easy work on the development and story team to bring back a great old universe like the Baldur’s Gate series, but they have apparently worked hard on this and we will get to see something very much awesome.

Indeed, the developing studio, Larian, has always been making great RPGs like the Divinity series. The crowdfunded game is going to have a lot of D&D material in it, sources report, delivering a sumptuous dungeon crawl experience. Coming on PC first (almost certainly), you will be able to experience that great formula in modern graphics and frame rates. And yes, you can steal cheese.


Fable — is a fable in itself. And it is bordering on myth, because nobody knows when this excellent old fantasy RPG will be released — not even alphas. But the sole fact that Fable is returning is strong enough to capture the attention of RPG veterans. With Playground Games at the helm of the project, it is expected to be at least every bit as awesome as their previous achievements.

To be sure, if the game is anything like its E3 announcement trailer, then we have something seriously powerful in our hands. The trailer opens up with a tiny little fairy twittering around the bones of a fallen warrior — probably human — near a beautiful little mushroom fairy kingdom. And it ends with the fairy getting eaten by a toad. Very suggestive!

Hogwarts Legacy

There have been many games centered around the wonderful world of Harry Potter and Hogwarts — but this one is something else entirely. For the first time, the little witches and wizards (not too little now) are going to be in a fully open world space — well beyond the boundaries of Hogwarts.

Hogwarts: Legacy does not stick to the same old storyline with Harry or his friends, but rather casts you as a selectable character making your own story in Hogwarts. We are a bit fuzzy on the timeline in the game itself, but we are sure that the game was announced to be released in 2022. So we get more time to practice the spells before we face the dementors in a narrow Knockturn Alley.

Diablo 2: Resurrected

Remember the good old times, battling monsters and looting treasures in the delicious Diablo 2? Well, rejoice, this September, you can get to enjoy a Diablo 2 remake. Get latest news. As per Blizzard Entertainment, they are remastering the venerable old game and releasing it on 23/11 as Diablo 2: Resurrected, with all the expansions and selected bits and pieces of some of the best mods as well.

The remaster uses the same old gameplay engine, but a completely new 3D graphics engine that supports up to 4k UHD high-fps screens, producing realistic scenes and awesome effects. Furthermore, the audio is now 7.1 Dolby surround, plus completely remade cutscenes. You will also get a shared stash and other gameplay improvements, and can import your old saves if they are still knocking around in your PC somewhere.

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