The rising edge of making building smarts

The impact of COVID-19 has made us more aware and care about how we can keep the surrounding safe. Using hand sanitizers, maintaining proper social distancing, and restricting going unless its high priority has become part of our routines, and with the current challenges, we have accepted them.

But the threat has minimized and raised a question once this is over, how future-ready are we for similar crises?  The new-age technology is helping to things more accessible and safe for the people. For people living in the buildings, one of the fear was touching areas with shared access to all and being regularly used by everyone.

rising edge of making building smarts

One such place where such fear was common or maybe is still present is using the same building by everyone in lifts. With people touching multiples times, it was realized how constant sanitization of the elevator was necessary for the people in societies. Significantly when the cases were rising, this became one of the uttermost priorities to restrict it.

Few societies suggested and even implemented to use of stairs instead of elevators, but for high-rise buildings, such ideas can’t be the permanent solutions, especially for older people who need elevators with proper functioning.

But how can technology help in resolving such issues? A smart building can have different touchpoints of contact being managed and by IoT that can also be accessible to general people. Thus imagine calling the lift through mobiles without touching the panel locking the floor you wish to reach. Without pressing the buttons just by mobile, the user can manage the entire elevators, thus ensuring proper safety.

Similarly, another key way to maintain proper social distancing in the building is to coordinate people in society with grocery shop owners. Rather than waiting for people to come, the grocery owners can build a simple group where they can tell how many people are there so others can avoid overcrowding the place.

Technology has enabled us to think beyond limitations, and in such a challenging time, it further supports us to look beyond and find reliable solutions for multiple problems.

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