Transforming retail : Introducing Elan Miracle, Sector 84, Gurugram 

Elan Miracle

With a sharp rise in lifestyle related stress, it has become essential to provide mediums to help one rejuvenate and relax. One common approach is to spend some time at a one stop mall. With this intention in mind, Elan developers have introduced a new project that aims to serve as a well equipped complex that serves people with versatile needs. Situated strategically in the heart of Gurugram, this project owns the benefit of being in close proximity to major hubs of technology and IT. With the advantage of having all the amenities and architectural finesse, this project has amassed a lot of attention. Let us now elaborate on some of these advantages. 

What are the major advantages associated to this project?

The first aspect to discuss is the premier location. Nestled in the dynamic city of Gutugram, Elan Miracle 84 project has a close proximity to a lot of transportation routes, schools, hospitals and much more. Dwarka expressway is located at a distance of 0.1 Km. Pataudi road and DLF New town Heights, Sector 86 ate both just 3 Kms away. The very much traversed Delhi-Jaipur expressway is just 4.5 Kms away. Entertainment mall and Orchid business Park are 6 and 11 km away respectively. Now let’s discuss some of the major amenties  offered to the perspective visitors and buyers. To ensure optimal safety of everyone in the complex thaere is a high quality 3-tier security system. One BHK, Two BHK luxury apartments are present. There is also 100 percent back up for power. A well constructed and open amphitheatre with screenplay and 24/7 wifi is also given. Gyms, fitness zones, swimming pools with adequate regular cleaning practices. With a lush green environment and picturesque surrounding you’ll find yourself wrapped in the natural aesthetics. 

Why to select this project?

Elan Miracle 84 project is anchored strongly by a host of benefits. This starts from the excellent location. Plotted in Sector 84 of Gurugram, this project boasts an extensive connectivity to various workspaces, transportation hubs

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