Trek Valley of flowers, World Heritage Site

Valley of flower  Trek is a very large and endless grassland and was designated as a national park in 1982. It is now a World Heritage Site. High —-12 140 feet. Home to endangered species and rare animals. You can also find Himalayan black bears, snow leopards, muscular bears, red foxes, and blue quantities, as well as high altitude birds such as birds. Uttarakhand, Indian Valley. Valley of Flowers will literally rejuvenate your soul and remind you of your journey.

 Valley welcomes you with flowers as well as small streams with large necks. After hours of hard trekking, your heart beats, and your passion lifts your “boom” into the vast, endless valley of death. The sensation is very attractive and sensual. Reminds me of the troubled times you came to witness the magic that can melt people’s hearts.

 About the Valley of Flowers Trek

 Trekking for some time is a bit difficult, but as soon as you reach the valley you will forget everything. Enjoy the peace and tranquility of the valley. Protect the midnight of the moon rising , where friends and family lie on the tent and shake the stars for millions of light years. Do various flower seeds. Traveling the eyes to witness various types of Himalayan flowers has been treated. A variety of alpine flowers, representing the ecoregion of the western grassland of the arusha shrub, adorned this very important place.

 The valley is also surrounded by flowers of different colors that have different shades of color over time. One of the most famous is Brahma Kamal. The flora of the Himalayas can be seen from July to August.

 Valley of Flowers Track The world’s best Sikh temple is also rugged and difficult to climb on Kobindogato and Hemuku command Nari Page. But the exciting mountaineering and adventure will definitely give you some snacks!

 Search for the world’s highest Gurudowara “Hemuku Command Nariji” at 4400 meters above sea level

 Beyond its beauty, frozen for six months, the lake is just behind Gurudowara. The tenth Sikh leader, Kobindoshinji, was meditating on this lake in ancient times.

 Lake Hemukanto, so clear, is peaceful and quiet, and the waterside kamal is abundant. It’s not surprising to know that there are few hiking routes like Flower Valley that offer beautiful hiking routes in

 Hemukundo Nari. Hemuku Command Naridi Valley is also known, running 10 km south.

 Valley of Flowers Trek: Flower Dreamland!

 With its perfect beauty, it enters the Valley of Flowers, the Goddess, and the colorful skies, as the carpeted alpine flowers with a beautiful fragrance allow you to dream the valley.

 Also, it is believed that Lord Hanuman gathered Sanji Banibuti and healed Rakushmana here, and this valley was inhabited by fairies according to local beliefs. It’s a fairy tale land.

 Striking flowers are Blue Poppy, Poison Flower Hook Stick Seed Snake Feet Himalayan Rose Mid Geranium.

 Flower Valley Trekking Joshimato Base Camp

 Chamorro is a picturesque town at 1875 m above sea level among the highest peaks of the Himalayas. It is the basis of 10 Himalayan trekking camps and a portal to famous pilgrimage sites such as Dham Badrinath and Sahib Ji Hemkund.

 The existence of ancient temples creates spirituality in the air. There are one of Adi Shankar Acharya’s four “math” and “Atharva Veda”. Joshimath’s tranquil charm goes beyond urban dissonance.

 You have been invited to come here many times along the Lecture River, a quiet stream covered with greenery and devout old temples in the area.

 Reasons to choose valley of flower trekking

 Valley of Flowers Trek, of course, is an Indian National Park in Uttarakhand State, Chamori Region. Before proceeding to the

 itinerary, it is very important to ascertain the reasons behind the flower trek in the valley.

 covers 5 days to 6 days, 42 kilometers by walk, 568 kilometers by taxi first.

 Flower Valley is the best trek in Uttarakhand in the Himalayas.

 Families, Students, Beginners 12140 feet above sea level – this is the best trek (3700 meters). Need the right gear and clothes for the sub-zero winter?

Place needed to see many heavenly bodies, including panorama of the Himalayan people, flower valley pine forest and various flora and fauna. This goes beyond true Karuwari culture and heritage. Learn some of the ancient stories of Indian mythology by making free time to interact with the natives. And the Karuwari our culture is a wonderful landscape with proper photographic gear and extra battery backups.

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