Vivo Z1 Pro Review | Is Vivo Z1 Pro Worth Buying?

The Vivo Z1 Pro is an excellent choice when the design is a major consideration. This phone combines beautiful colors with a punch-hole camera to create a best-in-class design. Performance is competitive with smooth and smooth UI navigation, but bloatware hurts the experience. The versatile camera is unfortunately not the best in its class.

Vivo Z1 Pro Review

Vivo Z1 pro has become one of the best Vivo smartphones of 2021, With a neck-to-neck specification sheet, along with competing products and innovative design additions such as a punch-hole display, the Z1 Pro has everything you need to at least make a mark on paper on its own.  Let’s review The Vivo Z1 Pro’s design, performance, Camera, and more.

Design-The Vivo Z1 Pro

The Vivo Z1 Pro introduces a design that breaks the mold and introduces elements of a much more expensive phone. The Vivo Z1 Pro is now the cheapest device to pack a punch-hole design. Vivo Z1 Pro’s front punch hole definitely helps you look fresh in the sea of ​​notched smartphones.

The sides of the Vivo Z1 Pro are protruding. It adds a bezel around the display and makes the phone bulkier. A cell phone is good to hold and easy to reach for every button, but the quality of the buttons has a lot to be desired. The volume rocker, power button, and dedicated Google Assistant button show a great shake and are by no means a good sign.

Micro USB port and headphone jack

There is a micro USB charging port along the bottom edge. This is, in a nutshell, a pretty bad look for Vivo. Devices that look to their best to do their best shouldn’t wrap up such an old port. If the headphone jack is a key criterion for your buying decision, you’ll be delighted that the Vivo Z1 Pro continues to boast a headphone jack.

The back of Vivo Z1 Pro

The back of the phone is where things get a little more interesting. Gradient-based designs are tens of cents these days, but Vivo’s color choices help your phone leave a mark on its own. Called “Sonic Blue“, this color changes from sun green to dark cobalt blue, giving the phone a jewel-like appearance. Of course, the super-glossy back is a fingerprint magnet, so you’ll want to use the bundled case.

Speaking of fingerprints, a back-mounted capacitive fingerprint reader is enough. I found it to be fast and stable over a week of use. With everything said and done, the Vivo Z1 Pro isn’t the most comfortable phone to carry. Too big and a bit heavy.

Perfomance-The Vivo Z1

The Vivo Z1 Pro comes with Snapdragon 712 chipset. Slightly upgraded compared to the Snapdragon 710, it claims to have a slightly improved performance through higher peak clock speeds. It contains the same GPU as the Snapdragon 710, so I can’t expect a huge performance boost. Of course, this is a reasonably powerful chipset that can run almost anything you throw.

The hardware is well coupled with the software, giving you a smooth and smooth experience. With their credit, Vivo has done a rather good job of combining the software into the hardware. The whole user experience is smooth and smooth. The general day-to-day usability is pretty good, and most users have nothing to complain about if they spend time in the browser or use social media applications.

Camera- Vivo Z1 Pro

The HDR mode on the Vivo Z1 Pro is somewhat effective, but the image isn’t natural. The unnatural brightness of the foreground subject and the forced saturation boost of the background create unattractive shots. The 8MP wide-angle camera adds versatility to your setup and is definitely useful when capturing large buildings, landscapes, or large groups.

Battery- Vivo Z1 Pro

Pack a huge 5,000mAh battery and a fairly frugal mid-range processor and you’ll have plenty of battery life. I was a little surprised to learn that activities like web browsing suffered more damage than.

Nevertheless, the phone is used all day long and some are convenient to use. I observed screen-on time for 6-7 hours with mixed-use. When it’s time to charge your phone, Vivo Z1 Pro supports fast charging. It took only 140 minutes to charge the battery from scratch.


The Vivo Z1 Pro is the brand’s very good endeavor to appeal to online-only customers. Between a nice design, a versatile camera, and a bigger battery, it’s enough to recommend your phone as a competent mid-ranger.

I wasn’t too sure of the quality of the software skin, Micro-USB charging port, and display, but if it passes, it’s an easy-to-hold smartphone. If you’re in the market for a new mid-range smartphone, the Vivo Z1 Pro is definitely worth a look again.

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