8 best ways to ship your product- unique packaging for shipping

Packaging is the only way in which you can feel protective for your product to remain safe. It helps in maintaining the product quality and brand image simultaneously. When these products move with the best packaging, it will enhance the brand value during shipment. Every consumer feels excited when waiting for their product because it’s more like their happiness when they got their customized packaging with it. Customized packaging is the most trending thing in the packaging industry, it is demanding and satisfied for the people of society.

Even when you for your personalized packaging, you still have to select material for your packaging. It is the same like you select material or stuff for your clothes. The more good stuff you choose the more your clothes will everlasting. Now, retail packaging box is of many types. So, you have to observe the packaging which will provide the best protection to your product during shipment. And it will reach the customer as it is, for what you will get positive feedback from consumers.   

There are 8 ways you can send your product to the customers safely.

  1. Selection of packaging: if you want to send your product in classic way you need to select the most suitable packaging for it. Rigid boxes, corrugated boxes, cardboard or kraft boxes are most vital source of packaging. They are best and most secure packaging boxes used in the shipment of products.

The greatest part for use of these boxes is it recycle property. They are capable of reusing ability because people don’t want to waste such packaging boxes. They can use them for their domestic or office purpose also.

  • Use of soft material for fragile items: use tissue paper or newspaper while sending glass material or any sophisticated products. The softness of those substances will save the product from damage when present in between layers of packaging.

It will bear all the pressure which can be put on the glass or any product like a picture frame. This pressure can break these products.

  • Provide sealing to the box: before putting it in the shipping box, put any seal on it. For every mailing packaging there is specific seal to make product safer even inside the packaging box. This seal will also keep the privacy of item inside the boxes.
  • Labelling of address: write the proper address on the packaging boxes. Right address to ship the order and also exact address from where you are sending the product. This will please you customer if they want to return or exchange any product. It is the most attractive way to make your customer habitual to your brand. And they will have good experience regarding your product, which will also enhance your brand value through word-of-mouth marketing.
  • Usage of suppressing material:  you can use any cushioning material for your product inside the packaging boxes. This can be t-shirt or some bubble-paper which will save your product from moisture, or heat or from external damage.

Use this material on top and bottom to prevent the movement or sliding of the glass products. Also, it will fix the product inside and will reach the consumer safely.

  • Use reinforced packaging tape: every consumer is possessive about his product, so they need privacy for their items. For this you can ful fill the requirement by putting seal reinforced tape on the packaging. This will make your brand trustworthy for the consumers.

It also makes your customer’s mind to buy more products, only because your brand keeps the privacy and safety of the product respectively. Tape down all the sides of your product packaging that to ensure your customer develops trust in your brand.

  • Wrapping in kraft paper: among all packaging, kraft paper is most considering and protective packaging used for the shipment. Finally, you have to wrap up the packaging with the kraft paper, which ensures best quality of product inside.

It will be proof for your brand that you take care of your inside and also its packaging outside. Consumers will definitely come back for more shopping, with the trust. So you have to keep your reputation constant so that more consumers will grab your brand or product.

Three distinctive packagings:

Three main packagings you can use for your product transportation are:

  1. Paperboard
  2. Corrugated boxes
  3. Rigid boxes

Paper Board Boxes:

It is the most vigilant packaging which makes the product remains active and fresh always. It is light weighted but strong enough to keep the product safe. The design and structure of this packaging can make it more powerful. Because it is different in styles and most durable material is available in it. It contains fibrous material or pulp from wood which makes it stubborn to damage at first sight.

Corrugated box:

These packaging boxes have three layers in it which is sturdy in its material. Outer layer protects it from external damage; inner layer makes the product safe inside; whereas fluting is the medium layer which is in between providing the product extra protection.

This packaging box covers all the features of every other packaging box in its performances, strength and power.

Rigid Boxes:

There are some items which need extra care from any damage. This packaging is for such items like android phones or apple I-phones etc. actually, paperboard manufactures the rigid boxes with its four layers combined each other.

It really feels that as you are using carton boxes in form of rigid boxes. These packaging box consider as the most powerful and solid box among others. It is also helpful for the jewelry, cosmetic, perfumes products as they need more safety measure during shipment.

Although rigid boxes look like heavy materialistic and expensive but actually it is hand made with most durable quality.

 Final thoughts:

Every brand has hunger of fame and every consumer is hunger of good quality or discount price. This all have become possible in the market with best packaging. People recognize their brand available in custom packaging with logo specially. Mark your brand at high position in shipping industry also with your durability quality.

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