Find out the necessity to do such type of registration for your business.

Have you choked out your new business plan? Seeking the easiest way to enlist your patent and trademark the entity. But, you are unaware of how to go for the procedure of Patent And Trademark Registration In Turkey.

We are going to tell you about how the procedure works.

What do you understand by the patent and trademark registration?

A patent is used to safeguard your invention. It is used to protect any product, or invention done to meet up certain expectations as per their originality, practicality, suitability, and utility is concerned. Generally, it can safeguard an invention for up to 20 years.

Whereas the Trademark is known as the sole identity that makes your company as well as your product, or services stand apart from others. It is the registration of your business’s untouchable assets, that protects your investment in sketching credence and allegiance among your customers.

It also provides you the rights to safeguard your mark from others who try to copy, by prevailing them to use which is registered by your name.

Types of patent available:-

Utility, Design, and Plant are the three options available for a patent. Let us describe these 3 terms:-

Utility patent:- This type of means is used to cover the creation of a new or improved and useful inventions of product, processes, and as well as machines. It is also known by the name as “patent for an invention” which prevents others to use your invention to sell without any authorization.

Design patent:- It is a legal way of protecting the unique visual qualities of the product of a manufactured item.

Plant patent:- It is cognitive property rights that safeguard a new and unique plant’s key traits from being copied, sold, or used by others.

Why this type of registration is important?

Where you are? – if you want to conduct a business and to sketch your identity in the market it is necessary to get registered.

1. Provides oneness of your product or service.

2. Helps to create trust and fidelity among the potential customers.

3. Provide privileged in safeguarding your brand’s identity.

4. Remarkable form of maneuver.

5. Prevent others to use the authoritarian identity of your brand.

Pros of Patent & Trademark Registration in Turkey: –

1. Provide the privileged.

The owner enjoys the privileged of registering their Patent & Trademark. They can use this means for all products falling under this categorization. This helps in protecting their unique identity from being misused by others.

2. Fabricate fate & benevolence.

Everyone is going to identify your product quality and services by the means of trademark, which is going to ensure trust and goodwill among the customers in a market. This will help to make a permanent customer who will be constant in using the same brand.

3. Diversify the product.

This sort of registration will help the customers to find your products. It will help you to categorize your product which is different from the existing product of the competitors and behave as an efficient commercial tool. The sign of your company will provide you with the vision, quality, or unique characteristics of your company.

4.  Acknowledgement of the product’s quality.

This type of registration provides acknowledgment of the product’s quality. Customers prefer to use the product’s quality with a brand name, which will help to create an image in the market about that band quality which will draw new customers.

5. Building up an asset.

This type of registration helps to create an intangible asset for the company. The trademark registration provides the privileged to be sold, assigned, franchised, or commercially contracted.

6. Time of your registration validity.

The trademark registration is valid for the next period may be for 10 yrs whereas the patent registration validation will remain for 20 years. At this time, you do not have to worry about legal obligations, fees, and another statutory requirements regarding maintaining the trademarks. It can be prolonged before the expiry which is quite similar to prolonged procedure of the passport. The owner of this certification can protect the trademark by the means of a third party also.

Thus, these are the essential points that will be helpful in how the procedure of Patent & Trademark Registration in Turkey operates.

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