Hymenoplasty process to regain your virginity

Virginity is considered a treasure in the modern world, and it is one of the requirements for today’s world. It is considered is one best of the required things and one of the best Hymenoplasty procedures.These are common in India and worldwide and Hymenoplasty is also referred to as the Hymen repair/restoration process. Hymenorrhaphy, Virginity repair, or a Virginity restoration surgeryis commonly required these days.

What is Hymenoplasty?

Hymenoplasty is a surgical restoration of a Hymen and is commonly opted by ladies for gaining virginity.The hymen is a thin membrane made of mucosa at the junction. It is locatednear the vulva and the vaginal canal with a central aperture. It is always eccentric for the passage of menstrual blood and the hymen can get ruptured by many factors.

  • Rape
  • Sexual intercourse
  • Vigorous exercises
  • Trauma

Since some cultural and religious beliefs require a woman needs to be a virgin.  The conditions demand them to be a virgin on their wedding day.  Hymenoplasty procedures are the only solution to avoid the social stigma and help to regain your virginity.  It helps attributed to the loss of virginity while unmarried.

Hymen Reconstruction Surgery Process

The hymen reconstruction procedure needs to be done by a professional surgeon.Hymenoplasty in Punjab is normally performed under local anesthesia.It is done by our well-trained and experienced surgeon. It takes a period of 40 minutes or more according to individual requirements and depends upon the circumstances. Each surgery depends on individual concerns and the extent of the damage and depends on various conditions.

During the surgery, the surgeon may stitch the remaining parts of the hymen and it is a painless process.  He creates a new hymen with surgical treatment. You can also require fat grafting of the vaginal lips these days. Moreover,the tightening of the vaginal canal. The process needs to be to stay at the hospital for a few days. A normal checkup is needed to confirm the extent of healing and check for any infection.

The new hymen will function as the natural hymen and you have to not have to worry about it.  Yes,itwill shed blood during sexual intercourse on your wedding night.

Types of Hymen Reconstruction Procedures

The hymen reconstruction procedures have two major approaches.  The procedurerequires the hymen restoration process. The other requires additional reconstruction procedures known as labia & vaginal canal.

The Simple Hymen Reconstruction Procedure

In this procedure, the surgeon will stitch the remaining parts of the hymen. Hence, to regain the virginity the sutures will dissolve within 3 weeks.  This surgical approach increases the surface area of contact between the hymen flaps. It is known as layered Hymenoplasty and there is an effective healing process.

The Complete Hymen Reconstruction procedure

In this procedure, the hymen and other parts of the vaginal area get renewed with a surgical process. This procedure is conducted in case the vaginal lips. If someone has lost their fullnesscan choose Hymenoplasty in PunjabSometimes it becomes flat due to repeated sexual intercourse. Therefore, the process helps to make it smaller, and inner vaginal lips or labia minora become large and protrude.

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