M3M Route 65

Property on Golf Course Extension Road

Gurugram is home to a prestigious new commercial community called M3M Route 65, which can be found at Property on Golf Course Extension Road. The new commercial initiative by M3M provides an exceptional and one-of-a-kind opportunity for consumers to shop.

The amazing food court offers an incredible selection of cuisines, making it a veritable paradise for those who have a strong passion for eating. The project also provides a variety of chances for amusement, such as opulent clubs, outdoor courts, and landscape parks to relax and enjoy with your loved ones, in addition to a variety of other interesting activities that have never been seen before and are firsts in their class. It is predicated on a cutting-edge architectural design that is both futuristic and ultramodern, and it has all of the necessary elements for functioning as an international commercial property in gurgaon.

 M3M Route 65 has a total area of 4 acres of land and is located in close vicinity to residential areas as well as the National Highway -8, which links Gurugram to both New Delhi and Jaipur. In addition, the project is in close proximity to the highway. Regarding the distribution of commercial real estate, the M3M Route 65 Layout design is among the very finest. Putting money into this brand-new venture is a brilliant move that will pay off in spectacular fashion in the years to come.

Essential Highlights of M3M Route 65

One of the most important highlights of M3M Route 65 is that the first floor has shopping locations that range from around 400 to 1200 square feet.

On the second level, in addition to a fantastic food and beverage space, there is also a contemporary gaming area for children that ranges in size from 400 to 1800 square feet (tentative).

The M3M Road covers an area of around 4 acres.

At this point, M3M Route 65 has roughly 490 apartments available for occupancy.

There are several hangout locations located all across the property.

A body of water with a motif that will contribute to creating a pleasant and upbeat atmosphere.

You won’t believe it, but there is a water and electricity supply that is available around the clock.

In order to avoid disruptions and issues, the location has a power backup system that is completely redundant.

The retail component of the bottom level would be incorporated within an area that would be around 400 to 1200 square feet in size.

Extreme Luxuriousness of M3M Route 65

PVR Multiplex Theater with 8 Screens for Your Utmost Pleasure and Fun

Clubs and cafes with a high level of sophistication, so that you may spend quality time with your loved ones and friends.

There are a significant number of upmarket brand stores and other types of businesses where you may shop to your heart’s content.

Quick access to the various levels is provided by high-speed escalators, which also make it possible to travel around the entire property in gurgaon is a stress-free and convenient manner.

Together with guards and sensor entrance and exit, stringent CCTV surveillance has been installed for the purpose of maintaining security.

The abundance that can be found at M3M Route 65:

Parking will not be an issue at M3M Route 65 because it provides all that is required of a business property.

A bank machine that caters to those with a pressing need for cash.

It is not difficult to get medication and other items sold at pharmacies.

The upkeep of the property is rather simple.

The new initiative being developed by M3M will take both your money and your investments to the next level and Property on Golf Course Extension Road

To guarantee that each company receives the most possible exposure, vast boulevards and open spaces have been thoughtfully designed to accommodate their establishments.

M3M Route 65 piece is not too much and is readily affordable. At M3M Route 65, all different sorts of luxurious fittings and fixtures are placed.

Benefits of the Location

In close proximity to National Highway 8, and Rajiv Chowk can be reached quickly through Route 65.

Situated on the Metro Corridor, an area that can be reached very quickly and simply.

New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport may be reached by car in thirty minutes.

This luxury may be found close by on Sohna Road, which is next to Sector 65.

The neighbourhood is in close proximity to important office buildings, such as those belonging to Cairn Energy, Hewitt, IBM, Amex, and Hughes, amongst others.

A number of prestigious educational institutions and medical facilities, such as DPS International, St. Xavier High School, and Heritage School, are located in the surrounding area.

Our immediate area is home to more than one and a half hundred thousand families.

M3M Route 65 is delivering good location connection in addition to the best price,Property on Golf Course Extension Road layout plan, and everything else that is necessary in a luxury commercial property. This is all being offered by M3M Route 65. Your future returns will be the finest they’ve ever been if you invest your money at M3M Route 65.

About M3M India Private Limited Company

Magnificence in the trinity of Man, Materials, and Money is the guiding principle behind M3M Group, a real estate development company that was established more than 15 years ago. The words “perfection, quality, and on-time delivery” are emblazoned across the company’s banner.

This achievement is in large part due to the varied and complementary skills possessed by the employees of the organisation. M3M Builders is widely regarded as one of the most successful real estate companies in the Gurgaon, Delhi, and NCR areas.

M3M is distinguished among its competitors in the industry by virtue of the cutting-edge, one-of-a-kind, unrivalled concepts, multi-dimensional reality solutions, and exceptional high service standards that it offers.

M3M has always been on the lookout for the most qualified individuals in the industry, which is evidence of the company’s commitment to developing innovative real estate masterpieces.

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