Touchless Attendance Management Software’s Importance!

With the COVID-19 pandemic still ongoing, it is more important than ever to enter the workplace with as few contact points as possible. Fortunately, we have been working hard to develop an attendance management system that will not only make your life easier, but also safer. In a world plagued by the COVID-1, this system has been enhanced specifically to make attendance management easier than ever.

The need of a Touchless Attendance Management Software:-

A touchless attendance system is a simple step that will allow your employees to check in without being afraid.

While cleaning communally used surfaces is important and can help prevent COVID-19, an area like an attendance terminal sees a lot of use in a short period of time and may be difficult to keep clean on a consistent basis.

There will be no more lines to clock in or people gathering around the attendance machine to clock out. A touchless attendance system is simply a more sanitary and time-efficient method of entering and exiting the office.

Here are some Features of Contactless Attendance Management:-

Facial Recognition
  • This game-changing feature will make your company’s check-in process easier than ever before. The system will scan your face to determine who is attempting to enter the building.
  • This will keep your workplace safe by allowing you to admit only those you want. ID badges can be stolen or passed on to another person, but facial recognition is much more difficult to fake or steal.
  • The system connects to the database and matches people to their pre-captured photos using artificial intelligence.
Touchless Check in
  • You can use Touchless attendance software free to automatically clock in and out of your workplace. This is a completely hands-free process that occurs as your face is scanned. You won’t have to worry about forgetting to check-in and ruining your hours because the system will do it for you.
  • This attendance system provides touchless check-ins. Employees can check in with their own mobile phone. You just have to place a QR code at the front desk. So that they can easily scan that code and check-in.
  • This is also applicable to visitors who arrive by appointment. When they sign up to visit, all they have to do is submit a photo and they will be added to the system. Before entering your place of business, the system can even scan for PPE to ensure that everyone is wearing the proper equipment. 
  • Face masks have no effect on the system’s ability to identify individuals, and it will be able to tell who they are.
  • This allows employees to remain safe while checking in and, to the greatest extent possible, prevent the spread of COVID-19.


This system not only helps you stay more organized while increasing the efficiency of your contactless attendance system, but it also helps keep your employees safe during a global pandemic. With this you can provide a high level of security to the employees and make them safe from the covid-19 virus.

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